Tarot Tip: Routines, Yes…Ruts, No.

In many ways, it’s great practice in Tarot at all levels of skill and experience to establish some steady routines. Practice makes perfect, and all.

Then again, you can’t spell “routine” without “rut,” and ruts are not the most helpful of phenomena. The danger in maintaining routines is that things can get stale and stagnant, and we end up not challenging ourselves enough to grow. Just as a fitness trainer will counsel you to shake up your workout procedures so as to keep your body guessing and engaged, it will help your Tarot game immensely to similarly inject some newness and uncertainty into the proceedings.

So what can you do?

–You can memorize card meanings, but give yourself one day per week (or month – whatever) to read solely using your intuitive responses to the card imagery/titles/keywords.
–You can stick primarily with one main deck or deck template, but occasionally try working with a very different kind of deck.
–You might work regularly with a certain spread, but then also once in a while try an unfamiliar spread, or even try reading with no spread at all.
–You could craft yourself a terrific reading space that you use most of the time, but every so often, try reading at some locale you don’t know all that well.

There are all kinds of things you can do to keep things fresh and invigorating for yourself, and your Tarot muscles will respond tremendously! Routines are great up to a point…but beware the rut in routine!

And watch this space for an upcoming announcement about the Tarot Toolkit Online Course that I co-taught earlier this year with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot!

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