Tarot Tip: Bird’s-Eye View

It’s pretty natural when interpreting a spread to analyze the cards one at a time – that’s an essential part of any reading. Another really crucial step, though, is to also take stock of the entire array of cards you’ve drawn, after the last one has been turned face-up. This bird’s-eye view assessment can reveal all kinds of patterns and trends in the reading that might slip by unnoticed if you only look at each individual card and then call it a reading. Take a deep breath, and then get a good, solid overview.

Like, in this spread… Do colors mean much to you? Because there seems to be an overabundance of brown here. Or how about the orientation of the figures? All but one are facing to the left. This could signal a mostly unified flow of energy surrounding the querent, but with one influence in their life running counter to that overall flow. Do you get much out of recurring symbols? If so, maybe you’ll pull some useful information from the fact that four out of the five human males shown have beards. Or maybe you get great significance from repeated themes? Two of the characters shown are engaged in the act of creating: a potter and a blacksmith. Maybe this means that the querent is in a highly creative period. Or maybe since the two creators in these cards are facing in opposite directions, it means the querent’s creative urges are running contrary to one another, and canceling each other out, which is a situation that really needs to be addressed.

Those are just a few examples of the kinds of macro-details you can coax out of a spread. It’s important to understand each of the individual “trees” in a reading (each separate card)…but it’s just as vital to take a minute to appreciate the whole forest, too.

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