The Tarot Toolkit Online Course – SALE!

Earlier this year, I teamed up with Victoria Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot to co-teach an online Tarot course for beginners called The Tarot Toolkit. It was an extremely positive experience. Judging by the feedback we received, the students got a lot out of the lessons and materials, and I discovered that I love teaching in this internet platform. I also felt my own Tarot knowledge deepening steadily throughout the course.

And we’re thrilled to now be offering the course for purchase! The Tarot Toolkit Online Course consists of MP4 video recordings of all ten of the class sessions, a 120-page Workbook containing practice exercises and original homework assignments, plus a few bonus “cheat sheets” that will help you to begin infusing principles from Astrology and Kabbalah into your own Tarot practice if you’re so inclined.

To further sweeten the deal, we’re hereby launching an Early Bird Special. Buy within the next 24 hours, and you’ll receive the entire Tarot Toolkit course at the low, low price of $69 USD. After the sale ends, the Tarot Toolkit will then sell at its regular price of $119 USD (still a bargain!).

Here’s what one of our students had to say about the Tarot Toolkit Online Course:

I tried to read a few (Tarot) books and even took a class, but it seemed like someone was telling me things to memorize, and worse yet, some ideas were conflicting. I thought that maybe this time, I would at least remember a few ideas… I was wrong. This course is very different. This time I learned about the symbolism in the cards. From this class, I could do a card reading with playing cards, because the symbolism is so universal. The door opened, and suddenly I felt like I had a strong basis in understanding the cards. Now, rather than viewing the cards as hard to understand, I see them as a way to understand.” – Paula E.

Can you afford *not* to put these tools into your own Tarot toolkit…? Purchase the Tarot Toolkit Online Course now, before it transitions tomorrow to its regular price of $119 USD (still a bargain!).

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