Karma Cards

A lot of people who are into metaphysical topics believe in things like karma, and the idea that the immortal soul takes a long series of “earth-walks” inside a succession of flesh-based shells. It occurred to me that if you’re the type who does subscribe to these notions – or if you’re doing a reading for someone who is – you can find indicators of them in the Tarot.

The Wheel of Fortune and The World both seem like pretty good candidates for cards that might flag the concept of reincarnation.

I could see “past lives” being a topic for discussion when Judgement, the 6 of Cups, or maybe the Moon cards appear.

Any other cards that fit in here…?


2 thoughts on “Karma Cards

  1. I can see the Six of Swords and Death as those “transition between lives” cards, whereas The Tower shows an abrupt end, or a perhaps spontaneous beginning.

    The Hierophant is a reminder of the continuing cycling of learning.

    What about the aces? Sword to divide us from our mortal coils, Pentacle to ground us and provide the gateway back to our physical selves, the Wand to show our growth, the Cup to fill us with emotions, arguably, reminding us of spiritual purpose.

    Fantastic topic! <3

    1. Thanks for the great contributions here, Tabitha! Somebody else also mentioned the 6 of Swords over on Instagram, and I hadn’t thought of that card in this context before, but now I can totally see why it can work here. Your thoughts on the other Majors are good, too, and I especially like the Aces here! This is a very cool way to sort of assemble the sequence of first leaving an incarnation, and then returning in a new one! Excellent observations!

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