Caffeine in Tarot…

If you’re like me, you enjoy kicking off your day with an influx of coffee. I’m not at all a morning person, so the rush of caffeine really does help me to jumpstart my gray matter.

I was getting myself around my first mug of joe this morning, and it occurred to me that I was recently telling a client about the Sun card in similar fashion: I was saying that it can indicate an inrush of life-force, energy, vitality. It can mean other things, too, but I do believe that the energy theme holds true.

And then because I’m a Tarot zealot, I started wondering what other cards can mean that same kind of incoming burst of energy? I tend to think of the 8 of Wands in this regard to some extent. Also the Aces, possibly the Knights…and maybe The Tower is a signal that in some ways, we’re about to see a bit too much of a good thing in this context (a user-friendly crest in energy is great; a lightning bolt upside the head maybe not quite so much).

But do any cards regularly spell “burst of energy” for you in your readings?


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