Tarot Spread: The Karmic Wheel

It’s the last Saturday of the month, so it’s time again for New Spread Saturday
, that riveting photo challenge over on Instagram brought to you by Tabitha Dial (IG username = @tabithadial), and me, (IG username = @arrowinflight)! You have all day to join in if you like – just cook up an original Tarot spread, take a picture of it, annotate it so we can all duplicate it at home, and then riddle it with applicable hashtags…

For the month of May, recent discussions here about past lives and reincarnation have given rise to: The Karmic Wheel Spread!

1 = Past Life – What you were, echoes of which may still be experienced today.
2 = Present Life – The themes that will define this life, now and after it’s done.
3 = Future Life – What you’ll flow into becoming in your next incarnation.
4 = Axle Grease – What you can add to the mix to optimize your evolutionary process.
5 = The Hub of the Wheel – You. What all of your incarnations add up to. The role that Existence needs you to play in the Grand Scheme.

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