The Fool: Tarot Trailblazer

Sometimes the human experience involves a leap into completely unknown territory. This can happen on the personal level (“I’m in love… I’ve never been in love before!”) or on the species level (“–say that they’ve named the sheep ‘Dolly’…”). Sometimes it can happen on both levels at the same time (“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”).

And I’d guess that when looking for this kind of phenomenon in the Tarot deck, most people probably associate these leaps with The Fool. Maybe the Aces have some rightful claim here, too, and maybe in a way either the Pages or the Knights…but probably The Fool comes first and most often to the minds of Tarot people in this context.

It suddenly occurs to me that The Fool would therefore have some tremendous stories to share over drinks or dinner. Think of the things that The Fool has witnessed first-hand! Like, here’s a puzzler that The Fool could probably answer… You and I are communicating right now via cyberspace, right? And The Fool would have been there when humans first made long-distance contact across this medium. So here’s my question: did we invent cyberspace when we hit upon the notion of using URLs and such to connect by way of our computers? Or did cyberspace always exist in the Universe, even during those earlier millennia while it was still inaccessible to us? Was it just sitting there, waiting patiently for us to ramp up our technology to the point when we could finally reach it?

And if it was always there…what other such “spaces” might there be, also biding their times until we can access them? For example, is there a “telespace” awaiting our species, where we’ll all meet and interact telepathically as soon as humans can get that psychic ability really up and running? The Fool probably knows — I’d like to have a sit-down and ask…

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