The Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread in Action

The other day, for the New Spread Saturday photo challenge that I co-host each month over on Instagram, I posted a new Tarot spread based on the concepts of reincarnation and karma. After reading the killer write-up and additional blog post that a friend, Joy @joyjjj, posted after she used the spread, I figured I could take a crack at my own design.

So in brief here, the cards seem to be saying that in a previous existence, I was obliged to live in the trenches and make it an ongoing practice to fight off adversaries…but at least I did it with integrity (7 of Wands: “Valour”). This current life is characterized by issues that revolve around material comfort (4 of Disks: “Power”): how much is enough, what do I deserve to have, what will I do with wealth whenever I accumulate it…? I’m heading for a subsequent life dealing with Lovers issues: love, big choices, integration of various parts of myself, and maybe a defining partnership. I can optimize my karmic evolution by retaining faith in my ability to persevere, to know that I have the resources I need, and to embrace the fact that only I can really defeat myself, through self-doubt, self-sabotage, or misguided surrender (9 of Wands: “Strength”).

Maybe the most interesting draw here lies at the center of the Karmic Wheel: what I apparently am, across all of my incarnations is…The Priestess! I’m the cosmic librarian in the Hall of the Akashic Records. Bring me your library cards, seekers, and I’ll fill your heads with wisdom…

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