Another Reason to Love The High Priestess


I’ve been even more into The High Priestess lately than I usually am…and that’s saying something, because along with The Star and The Hanged Man, The High Priestess is a longstanding member of my own personal pool of Top 3 Favorite Cards (bonus question: which ones make up your Top 3?).

One of the many reasons I so 💜  The High Priestess is the fact that she’s liminal. Liminality is basically the state of being in-between, transitional, of dwelling upon or on both sides of a threshold. Twilight periods – dawn and dusk – are liminal intervals of time. Physical areas such as doorways, windows, bridges, corridors, catwalks, and stairways are liminal regions of space. Hypnotists and trance-workers aim for that liminal strata of consciousness that exists between the waking and the sleeping minds. Because liminal spaces are very conducive to the occurrence of magic.

So maybe you’re a diurnal day person, or maybe you’re a nocturnal night-person. And that’s all cool, too! But if you’re possibly more of a crepuscular twilight person, or are at least interested in exploring liminality a bit more…you might try cultivating more of a relationship with The High Priestess. She knows these landscapes better than anyone!

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