Your Word Is Your Wand

Jumper cards… You know these: they’re the ones that leap out of the deck while you’re trying to shuffle, sometimes literally smacking you right in the face. The cynic would say that jumper cards are just a sign of shabby card-handling, nothing more. Others feel that these cards are popping out for a reason…like, they have messages that they’re just bursting to tell you. Which camp are you a member of…?

Now me, I like jumper cards. I think they come bearing gifts, and you ignore them at your peril. Here are the ones I got while shuffling this morning: The Magus and the 2 of Wands (“Dominion”). The Magus is someone who channels force of will through language and ritual and use of various tools in order to bring about desired changes. The 2 of Wands working with that card suggests some serious emphasis on the force of will bit, and on specific use of the Wand as a tool.

I’m reminded of this idea a friend shared with me not that long ago: “Your word is your wand.” What you say directly affects reality. Your word transforms you every day, and it also changes the world around you. If you’re sloppy with your word, existence as you know it suffers. If you have integrity with your word, existence will thrive. Not for nothing did Don Miguel Ruiz state clearly in his book, The Four Agreements to “Be Impeccable With Your Word.”

So that’s the jumper card message of the day – for me, for you, for anyone paying attention:



4 thoughts on “Your Word Is Your Wand

  1. I never know what to do with them! When I put them back it feels as you said, ignored at ones own peril. But, when you accept them, where you put them in reading; as the extra cards, illuminating the reading, or instead first cards in any lay out?

    1. Personally, I usually keep them to one side of the other cards, and I view them as commentaries on the entire reading. I use them sort of the way I use a Quintessential Card or a Shadow Card, if you use those.

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