Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

I was making coffee earlier, and because coffee makes magic things happen, I was suddenly struck with this analogy from nowhere, explaining how Major and Minor cards in Tarot relate to each other overall.  Try this on for size:

In many bodies of classical mythology, you have your humans living on the mortal plane, and then you have some pantheon of Deities inhabiting a higher, more elevated realm.  By way of examples, in Greek Mythology, you have Zeus and the other primary Goddesses and Gods headquartered atop Mount Olympus, while the humans run around way down below at sea level…in Norse Mythology, Odin and his fellow Deities reside in the lofty domain known as Asgard, and again, the humans are scattered about far below.  Deities and humans being what they are, the Goddesses and Gods are free to come and go as they please, entering the mortal plane at will, and stirring things up in human affairs as they desire…but the same is not true in reverse.  Humans can’t simply gate-crash their way into the godly realms.  In fact, it’s a pretty rare event when a human can even find the godly realms, much less travel there and gain entry.  For mortals in general, the godly realms are Invite Only, and those invites are about as rare as birds’ teeth.

So the point is that while individual cards do work together in readings, a convincing case can be made for the notion that outside of readings, when the cards are just sort of existing in conceptual space…the Majors are like those Deities, inhabiting some rarefied stratum of existence way high above, and going wherever they like, while the Minors are much more limited, and are largely confined to a more mundane realm somewhere far down below.  This goes hand in hand with the commonly trumpeted dictum that Majors represent big, cosmic forces, while Minors deal with everyday affairs…my coffee-epiphany just puts the notion into a more mythology-centric context.  I don’t know, it fits into my own brain real nice, anyway…



  1. Aside from more than just mildly interesting while being very well written, the characters that peopled your thoughts might very well be the “bones” of a series of books ala Harry Potter. Perhaps even a tv series ala ” Game of Thrones”…

    Food for thought… Uncle Jim

    Your sun begins to take shape …

    With time, there are no “do-overs”, use it or lose it…


    • Thanks, Uncle Jim! I’ve been busier on the writing front, actually, and I appreciate the encouragement. And I’m excited to hear about the sun! I’m always impressed by your work…

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