A Quick Tarot Game

Okay, it’s Monday, and since that means a return to the working world for such a huge percentage of people, I decided to save the high-brow stuff for later in the week, after everyone’s had a day or two to get properly caffeinated and caught up on emails and such. Today, I’m just posting a fun little Tarot game for anyone who wants to play. The long and uncatchy name of this game is “I AM… I WANT TO BE GUIDED BY… I WANT TO MARRY.” You just complete the three phrases by inserting the card that best sums up your own feelings on each one. The idea is to consciously choose your answers, not draw cards at random…although you can do that instead if you prefer – I can’t stop you.

Here are my own answers (which, by no coincidence at all, feature my three favorite cards!):

I AM…The Hanged Man. I’m different. I have a weird point of view on things. I can get martyr-y. I believe in initiatory trials and such. I blow lots of time listening to the cosmic pulse.

I WANT TO BE GUIDED BY…The Star. Because The Star is brilliant and kind and celestial. The Star inhabits a “higher” place than I do, and to borrow from Tina Fey, I want to go to there.

I WANT TO MARRY…The Priestess. This is partly because she, too, is brilliant, and also mysterious and powerful. And you know how Groucho Marx wouldn’t join any club that would have him as a member? I sometimes have the related thing of really wanting to be a member of the clubs that won’t let me join. And The Priestess is often seen as a chaste figure. Which means: she ain’t buying what I’m selling, if you get what I’m saying. Which only increases her appeal. Try not to judge me.

And you…?

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    1. Thanks for playing, Jack! Very interesting choices, too. I’m drawn to the Majors for this like you are. Interestingly, several people on Instagram chose Minors, which I wouldn’t have foreseen. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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