Tarot Tip: Learning by Design


Learn Tarot by Doing

You want to understand the Tarot deck better? Design one yourself.

Even if you’re not an artist, pretend that you’ll have the perfect visual craftsperson at your disposal to create any images you want. Then the big questions are things like:

  • Do you follow one of the RWS, Thoth, or TdM templates? Or do you cook up a blend of them? Or do you attempt something that’s entirely new, but that’s still somehow Tarot?
  • Do you change any individual cards’ meanings from the old standards?
  • Which terms do you use for the Suits and cards? Are they Pentacles or Disks or Coins? Princesses or Pages? Temperance or Art? And above all, WHY?
  • What’s your deck’s theme? Vampires? Film noir? Superheroes? Aztec Mythology? And does it say new things with Tarot? Or do you just like it?

I haven’t made my own deck…yet. But I work away at themes and designs in my head and on paper a lot. And I do eventually want to see a deck through to completion with some artistic collaborator. But even without going that far, I can say that working through the mental exercise has deepened my understanding of Tarot immensely. Highly recommended!

Do you want to learn Tarot, but you have no idea where to start? The Tarot Toolkit Online Course may be the answer:



  1. My secret plan is to make a mash up deck composed of single favorite cards from many different decks. And then it will be miraculous or completely useless. 🙂

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