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I was holding forth recently about how it can be very illuminating to keep watch on cards that appear a lot for you across multiple readings in a short period of time (“stalker cards”). I also mentioned what I dubbed “MIA cards” – the ones that seem to be avoiding you for some definite interval. Along similar lines, today I give you the “card flash mob.”

When I got up this morning, I went to clean up the space where I’d strewn cards and candles yesterday while meditating, pondering the infinite – you know, the things I do on Saturday nights, because the party never stops up in here… Whenever I gather up cards from a previous reading, I like to insert each one back into the deck in a different place, and then I shuffle the whole works a few times before I put the cards back into the big chest where I store all my decks. As I was shuffling them this time, three different cards all popped out, and hurled themselves to the floor. I posted not long ago about “jumper cards” like this, too, and as I said, I’m usually not one to ignore them. The accompanying photo shows you which ones had volunteered themselves for message duty this time.

Can you see the numbers well enough to read them on your phone…? They’re all 9’s!!! I’m not mathematician enough to tell you what the exact odds of three 9’s all hopping out of the deck at random with no other types of cards joining them might be…but these are definitely what the Vegas crowd would refer to as “long odds.” So you can see: a little flash mob of 9’s happened on my carpet!

So it could be that the end of some cycle is in sight for me, but not yet here, and I need to stay the course, and not quit prematurely due to fatigue, or self-doubt, or lack of faith. This specific deck’s specific 9’s add the qualification that fear will be my greatest enemy in this, but if I can resist giving in to it before cycle’s end, I can achieve a kind of spiritual bliss. I’ve never had such a concentrated burst of one specific type of card before – I like it!

You? Ever experienced a card flash mob of this nature before…?


2 thoughts on “Tarot Card Flash Mob

  1. Interpreting Similar:
    4 Aces Great power and force
    3 Aces Riches and success
    2 Aces Change in work, property move
    4 Knights Swiftness, speed3
    Knights Unexpected meetings, news
    4 Queens Authority
    3 Queens Powerful and influential friends
    4 Princes Meetings with the great
    3 Princes Honor, rank
    4 Princesses New ideas and plan
    3 Princesses Young society
    4 Tens Anxiety and responsibility
    3 Tens Buying, selling, commerce
    4 Nines Added responsibility
    3 Nines Much correspondence
    4 Eights News
    3 Eights Travel
    4 Sevens Disappointments
    3 Sevens Treaties, contracts
    4 Sixes Pleasure
    3 Sixes Gain and success
    4 Fives Order, regularity
    3 Fives Quarrels, fights
    4 Fours Rest and peace
    3 Fours Industry
    4 Threes Resolution and determination
    3 Threes Deceit
    4 Twos Conference and conversations
    3 Twos Re-organization and recommencement
    I think the author-source of this is P Hughes-Barlow

    1. Wow, thanks so much for providing this, Moon Rouge! I haven’t ever seen this list before. It’s interesting – I’ll have to spend some time with it, but this is some great food for thought!

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