A Tarot Prayer for Orlando

This latest massacre has been on my mind. For one thing, just think about the fact that we live in a reality in which I have to use the phrase, “this latest massacre”… A lot needs to be done, and on multiple levels, from the individual to the societal. And like most of us, I could probably be doing more. For today, I’m doing this. It’s not meant to replace activism, lobbying, canvassing, donating…but it’s a small case of me trying in some small fashion to be the change I want to see in the world. It’s my Tarot equivalent of a prayer, and if you want to do something similar, that would be pretty alright.

I’m asking The Lovers to help us all to better integrate our warring inner selves, because these inner wars lead to outer wars. Too many of us don’t accept parts of our core personae, and this makes us sad…and this sadness can warp and metastasize, and then become dangerously externalized. I’m asking The Lovers to help us better love ourselves.

I’m asking Temperance to help us to turn that integration process outward in positive ways. Forcing our views and desires on others is the pathway that leads to declarations made via assault rifles. I’m asking Temperance to help us to better accept that which is different from us, and from what we’re most comfortable with. I’m asking Temperance for healing, and for the alchemical dissolution of xenophobia and “Us vs. Them” thinking. I’m asking Temperance to help us better love everybody else.

I’m asking The Star to guide us from on high, and to better connect us up with our own Higher Selves, so we can do some responsible guiding of our own. I’m asking The Star for a little bit more Light. I’m grateful for what we do have in this regard, and I don’t want to seem greedy…but maybe just a little bit more would help right about now. I’m asking The Star to help us better love the Universe itself, and to act accordingly.

I’m asking The Lovers, Temperance, and The Star to smile on us just a little bit more, so that none of us will have to open another post by using the phrase, “this latest massacre…” Peace and love – to Orlando, and to all of us.


2 thoughts on “A Tarot Prayer for Orlando

  1. The latest massacre is the worst combination of these words one can imagine, like if a massacre is not good enough, and yet, so true and we live it. Great prayer! <3

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