Solstice/Full Moon Tarot Reading

Today is a big day, metaphysically-speaking. It’s a Monday, which means for a great many people, it’s the start of a new work week. It’s also the day of the Full Moon…which feels appropriate for a day that actually derives its very name from the Moon. Finally…it’s the Solstice! Depending on which hemisphere you’re in, this may be the longest daylight period of the year, with the shortest night, or it may be the exact opposite. Either way, it feels pretty big for all this to be coinciding.

With this in mind, I decided to give my recently-purchased Epic Tarot a chance to see what the new week, the new Moon Cycle, and the new Season have in store for us. And by “us,” I mean me and anyone who might happen to stumble across this post and read it. If you want to be included in this reading, then all you need to do is be here now.

And look what we have to look forward to: the Ace of Chalices (= Cups)! Seeing as how Chalices represent the Water Element, and Water is intimately affected by the cycles of the Moon, this feels entirely on point! And happy, too, as the Aces all speak of enormous amounts of potential, and of vast reservoirs of primal, as yet untapped energies of whichever Suit they hail from. The Chalices are all about emotions…so we may all be on the verge of powerful new emotional connections and experiences, including maybe love and romance (among others, of course). Chalices, and the Water Element, can also stand for concepts such as the subconscious, dreams, the collective unconscious, intuition, and psychic experiences.

Maybe strap in and prepare yourself for a big boost in receptivity and new Neptunian info in the days ahead! I recommend paying attention to the ways in which your own experiences might be tied to the waxing and waning of the Moon this Summer…paying attention to whatever might be revealed to you in dreams…being open to new or rejuvenated emotional contacts…and trusting in the workings of your psychic antennae. You are the Chalice right now, and the Universe wants to fill you to the brim with Wisdom and Love…

Happy Monday, everyone, Happy Full Moon, and Happy Solstice!


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