More Animal-Themed Dreaming…

A couple of months ago, I wrote a series of posts about my adventures around sleeping with pieces of Leopardskin Jasper stashed beneath my pillow. Doing this often seemed to inspire dreams of animals for me, which, given the stone’s reputation as carrying a very shamanic type of energy, makes sense.

Last night, as I was drifting off, I thought idly about doing this again, but then decided I was already too far along in the downward spiral that leads to sleep to want to get out of bed. I figured I could try the Leopardskin Jasper another night. But apparently even just thinking about Leopardskin Jasper has some effect, because even with nothing under my pillow, I had an animal-dream anyway.

This time it was a Bull. In the dream, I was looking out the back door of the house that I’m in right now. Not unusual, as I look out there all the time in an ongoing effort to spot wildlife. The back hillside was very different out there in the dream, as the hill was larger, and facing a different direction. And the Bull was sitting at the top of the hill, gazing eastward, with me looking at him in profile. He seemed very calm, there amid all the overgrown flora, and he was jet black in color. I watched his ears and his tail twitch for a few seconds, able to feel the sheer weight and density of the beast even from half a stone’s throw away…and then I woke up.

The Bull as a symbol often signifies concepts such as power, virility, and wealth, all of which I will dutifully accept and embody, sigh, if I must… For more info on Bull-as-symbol, see various bodies of mythology (Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Mesopotamian) and also Taurus, the Zodiac Sign.

I’m telling you people: LEOPARDSKIN JASPER!

4 thoughts on “More Animal-Themed Dreaming…

    1. Wow, this rings very faint bells from my childhood, although I’ll have to surf up data on Ferdinand to really refresh my recollection. I’d forgotten that this character existed, although now that you’re flagging him, I do know that I read some Ferdinand as a youngster. Thanks for the citation!

      1. Glad he rang a bell for you, too. He seems like a very Taurus bull to me — stubborn, peaceful, likes beautiful surroundings. I live with one of these. 🙂

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