Astrology: “What’s Your…House?”

Hey, baby, what’s your Sign?

In that psychedelic, groovy social period that stretched from the late ’60s and on into the ’70s in the US, this was a pick-up line so widely employed that it became a total cliché. But then again…who in modern society doesn’t know their Sun Sign?

Sidenote: that’s what society in general means when referencing “your Sign.” That is, the question revolves around the Sun in your birth-chart. The astrologically-minded would actually rephrase this inquiry in terms like this: “When you were born, which Sign was your Sun in?” That probably wouldn’t have gone over as smoothly at key parties, though, so the less cumbersome form kind of took hold, even if it’s a bit hazy overall.

But here’s another question that could be just as important to get behind, although, it, too, never made the rounds as a steady fixture under disco balls and strobe lights:

Hey, baby, what’s your…House?

Everyone seems to have at least heard of the Signs, and they know the Planets, too, but the poor Houses rarely register with non-astrologers. This may be due to the fact that the Signs and Planets all have cool names and intriguing little symbols to represent them, while the Houses are just referred to with garden-variety numbers. Names like “Sagittarius” and “Mercury” sound all cool and arcane, but something such as “the Second House” feels pretty pale in comparison.

But knowing which House your Sun is in can be as helpful and interesting as knowing its Sign placement. The Signs describe how and why we tend to do things, but the Houses point out which areas of our lives will naturally play host to our most important evolutionary experiences.

Even if you can’t dope out what your chart means in its entirety, I urge you to go to a free site like or, punch in your birth info (including date, city – and critical for the Houses – time of birth), and see which House your Sun is in. Armed with this knowledge, you can start consciously seeking out activity in the area of life that will feed your basic vitality.

You can also get into great conversations with strangers at parties that start off with “So, what’s your House…?

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16 thoughts on “Astrology: “What’s Your…House?”

  1. The “shorthand” with which the houses are often referred to has confused me for a long time. My badly-addled-by-other-stuff Sun is in 10, which in shorthand is career and status. Neither of those things has ever meant anything to me whatsoever, nor have I had either in a standard sense. But just look at what’s in there with the Sun: Saturn in his natural home, Mars quieted by being in Taurus (the house straddles Aries and Taurus for me; everything else in it is in Aries, which probably is telling, too), and the North Node. If I’ve had a career, it’s been first rejecting and then answering my calling to shamanism.

    And then there’s my mostly non-relationship to my birth father, and the father who adopted me when I was in my 30s and has been the most influential single figure in my life by far, including on my spiritual path….

    1. Would it be fair to say that you’re defined, or have defined yourself, by an absence of standard H1o affairs instead of the presence of them? That is, have you put a lot of energy into *not* being what our society means when it thinks of the definition of a stereotypical “career person?” With the North Node there, you may possibly have significant work to do there in the karmic context, too… But I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to forcibly graft traditional H10 themes and concepts onto your life! You know you best… But a shorthand for this House that I do kind of like is the “House of Public Standing.” The idea is that H10 is about what the public will know us for, what our reputation and life’s work might be. This can all be different from what we do to pay the bills (which is more H6 biz). This stuff can be tricky: like you, I have a lot of H10 energy in my chart, and I also don’t have a standard career track. I ponder this one a lot, to be honest…

      1. It’s always felt like to me H10 has been much, much more about the father-daughter relationship than about career or standing. I’ve never really tried to avoid a career track; my life as it’s been simply made it impossible. I have education and skills, but I moved around too much, and held down short-term, lousy jobs when I had to, to support the moving around. It’s as if I’ve been steered away from the 9 to 5 route from the start. I entered college in a journalism major; that lasted 2 and a half years, and then I had a huge, plans-altering experience that made me finish my undergrad in straight English. All the while I was doing that, I planned to go on to get a Library Science degree. And then I ran headfirst into poetry; my MA is in Creative Writing. My plans were certainly to be employable, but none of it worked out that way. And then shamanism kicked into high gear, and that all went out the window.

      2. This is all very interesting, thanks for sharing! Maybe the Aries imprint in your H10 translates as a lot of change and short-term experiences? The shamanism part is intriguing. I’m very drawn to that field, too. I’m still trying to decide where something like that shows up in a chart. The more active parts of it (journeying, healing with intent) feel like they could be Pluto/Scorpio/H8 things, while the more passive parts (receiving info) might be Neptune/Pisces/H12…but I don’t have much in the way of actual data and real charts from real and relevant (to this question, I mean) people to study.

      3. I’ll give you my info if you like, seems like the least I can do for all the insight! All I’d ask is that you remove the info from the comments when you have it so it isn’t all over creation. 🙂 I also have a pretty detailed bio on my About page that touches on a lot of what we’ve been talking about.

        I’d tag H9 as shamanic ground, too; the spiritual, of course, but also the community aspect of the practice, and the fact that there’s usually a powerful and identifiable calling to it.

      4. Yes, thanks, I’d be interested in taking a gander at your chart. You can email it to me directly if you like, so it’s not plastered all over the interwebs, even for a short period. I’m reachable at — among other things, I’m curious to see if I’m picturing parts of it in my head properly as I’ve tried to construct it from your text descriptions… 😉 But yes, thanks for sharing! And I can see H9 having some intersection with metaphysical topics now that you mention it. I wonder what it would take to gather charts from a bunch of shamans and shamanic practitioners, and then see what commonalities could be extracted from them…?

      5. It’s on its way. If anything leaps out at you, I’d love to know. This has all been fascinating me lately as it hasn’t in years, thanks to the synastry chart my friend did. She’s *still* teasing us. 🙂

        There are a few sites with message boards where you may be able to find shamans interested in sharing info; I can really see others being interested in this.

      1. I totally understand. H8 is sort of like Fight Club or Vegas in that regard, and what happens there isn’t for the general public at large…

    1. Hey, my own H5 plays host to my Aries Moon! We may end up at some of the same parties (although you and your Sun might be at the center of the room, while me and my Moon are hugging the wall…)…

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