Tarot Tip: Book Jacket Cards


Sometimes when you do a Tarot reading, you end up feeling as much in the dark as you had been when you’d started. The cards aren’t clear…or they don’t seem to apply to your question in any way that you can easily see.

One technique for gaining additional insight is to look at what’s called the “Shadow Card.” This is the card that’s sitting at the very bottom of the deck, such that if you turn over the whole pile of remaining cards that you haven’t yet used in the reading, this is the card that will be facing you. This is a pretty well-known tactic.

You can go one step further, though. Try also looking at the card sitting on the top of that same stack of unused cards. Think of these two cards as something like the Tarot equivalent of the slices of bread that border and bind a sandwich, and make it what it is. Treat both cards as being signifiers of various subtle but powerful energies that are informing the entire situation that the reading is probing into. It’s like you’re scanning the jacket of a tantalizing book so as to get a quick but accurate digest of what awaits you inside.

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Tip: Book Jacket Cards

  1. I usually have the client pick three cards from the deck, that way it is their ‘choice’. But I am going to try your shadow card. Thank you.

    1. I like your maneuver here in giving some input to the querent — I like to work in things like that, too, so that they can feel more actively involved. But hopefully, if you do try the Shadow Card or the “Book Jacket” pair of cards, you’ll get some great results! It often does help me to look at those cards…

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