I feel like the Aces in Tarot are special in their own way, somewhat like the Court Cards are, but maybe even more so, because they’re like a sub-subset hiding within the larger subset of “Numbered Cards.” They’re essentially the 1’s of the deck, but they have a special name, and even in the otherwise scenic RWS deck, there are no people running around their little landscapes.

I feel that this is because the Aces are all about potential. They’re like the seeds from which the rest of their Suits will grow. They’re fully-charged batteries, waiting to power the journey through the layer of reality that they each represent. There are often no humanoid types populating the Ace cards because nothing has had the chance to happen in the Aces yet. Each one is like an unmined vein of ore or an untapped reservoir. Everything has been laid out and readied for operation, but it’s up to the querent to now step in and start the voyage.

The Aces signify beginnings, tremendous amounts of raw energy, and again, mad potential. They tell the querent that it’s time to take up the icon of the Suit in question, be it Sword or Cup, Wand or Pentacle/Disk…and work it.

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2 thoughts on “TAROT TIP: The Aces

  1. Couple of years ago on my leisure walk around the neighborhood I found a play card, it literary flew to me. Ace of Diamonds. Until today I didn’t find why, not that I would search much, but I saved the card. To think of it now, as of new beginnings, it is a tiny card, 1,5x 2+ inches, and I begun to like the tiny sets of tarots and now have a few.

    1. That sounds like a really great find! And in Tarot terms, Diamonds equate to Disks/Pentacles, so it’s kind of like you found the Ace of Disks or Ace of Pentacles (or Coins…depends on which Tarot deck you prefer). But great raw energy and potential for the stuff of the physical plane of reality: health, money, career, possessions, etc. Really cool!

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