TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Try arranging the Major cards from one of your decks like this, in a big circle. Line them up carefully, and you’ll see that you get 11 opposing pairs. Then study them to see what kinds of thematic links you can spot between each of the cards that form a given axis.

For example, The Magician can be about reaching out into the world to work your magic on it…while the card across the Circle, The Hanged Man, can be about skillfully allowing the world to reach in and work its magic on you.

The Hierophant is often about the building up of structures…and the card that sits opposite this one on the Circle is The Tower, which is often about those moments when structures come crumbling down.

The Hermit can speak of the quest to find hidden truths…while on the other side of the Circle, Judgement can indicate that hidden truths are on a quest to find you.

You can find an interesting conceptual relationship for pretty much every one of these pairs, and working your way around the Magic Circle can really help you to feel more connected to the cards overall. Recommended!

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4 thoughts on “TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

    1. It’s funny about Odin and Tarot: I find him to be such a complex character that I see him in a whole handful of the Majors. Absolutely both The Magician and The Hanged Man, but I also see him as The Hermit when he gets into his “Vegtam the Wanderer” mode, and I can even see him somewhat as The Emperor when he’s busy presiding over Asgard, and arguably a bit as The Hierophant (there’s a Tarot deck out there that casts him as Card V rather than any of the others, which seems like maybe leaning too far in this direction to me, but it’s all subjective). It really is fascinating, though, that The Magician and The Hanged Man come out opposite each other in this Circle!

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