Tarot: The High Priestess and Hypnagogia

I’ve posted before about how The High Priestess occupies liminal spaces: those transitional areas that are neither here nor there, but have elements of both. Liminal spaces include things like thresholds, corridors, bridges, and stairways.
Times can also be liminal. Think dusk and dawn.
Transformations also have liminal phases. When does a caterpillar become a butterfly? And what is that creature before the metamorphosis is complete enough to warrant official butterfly status?
Transitional states of consciousness can be liminal, too. Did you know that the state we pass through on our way from wakefulness to sleep is called hypnagogia? And the opposite state – sleep into wakefulness – is called hynopompia? These are where the magic happens, these liminal, twilight modes of consciousness that can give rise to such phenomena as lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences. Maybe if you can remember to do so, try asking The High Priestess for advice the next time you get all hypnagogic…

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