ASTROLOGY TIP: A Clue for Reading Charts

In the last days of WWII, a British couple named Anthony and Elva Pratt conceived of a new board game designed as a murder mystery. It was published a few years later in England as “Cluedo,” and in North America as “Clue.” The game asked players to deduce the three main components of a murder: whodunnit, what weapon did they do it with, and in which room of the old mansion where the action takes place did they do it?

Whodunnit? The game provides a small cast of suspects, any of whom could have committed the nefarious deed in question. Was it the alluring femme fatale, Miss Scarlet? The bookish Professor Plum? The aging hunter and imperialist, Colonel Mustard? Each has a distinctive personality and agenda.

What’d they do it with? This layer of the deduction offers insight into how the crime was committed. Did it involve the bloodless, up close and personal use of the rope? Or the more detached, at-a-distance firing of the revolver? How about the bludgeoning brutality of the lead pipe? The weapon employed sheds light on the overall mood and flavor of the crime, and on the vibe of the perpetrator.

Where did they do it? Tudor Mansion is large, and comprised of plenty of possible stages for such a drama. Did the murder go down in the stately conservatory? The rather functional kitchen? The elegant ballroom? The setting of the felony tethers it more to concrete reality.

If you grasp how the three sets of Clue symbols – suspect, weapon, room – work together to produce a unique, three-coordinate, “who/how/where” combination from out of many possible such combinations…then you grasp Astrology.

If we set aside the murder part of the equation, the rest translates terrifically well. In Clue, we can say this: “The SUSPECTS act, the WEAPONS tell us how they act, and the ROOMS tell us where they act.”

You only have to swap in the appropriate terms to see how the three main sets of symbols work in Astrology: “The PLANETS act, the SIGNS tell us how they act, and the HOUSES tell us where they act.”

Congratulations – you’re pretty much ready to start reading astrological charts!

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