TAROT SPREAD: The Story Of My Life Spread

On the last Saturday of each month, I co-host a Tarot-based photo challenge over on Instagram with Tabitha Dial (she’s @tabithadial there).  The challenge is called New Spread Saturday (see #newspreadsaturday posts over on IG for entries), and the idea is to cook up an all-new, original Tarot spread and then share it with the masses.  Anyone can join in, and if you’re reading this, please feel invited to do so!  Meanwhile, here’s my own submission for July’s running of the event…

Each of us is the main character in her or his own story. Each of us has a tale to tell. Each of us is a tale to tell. But sometimes we’re too close to the action, and too emotionally involved in it, to see it for what it really is.

Here, then, is a spread aimed at helping you to step back and better understand the book of your life: What’s YOUR story?

1 = FRONT COVER. What do people notice about me first?
2 = SPINE. What gives my life form and structure?
3 = TABLE OF CONTENTS. How can I stay organized?
4 = MAIN STORY. What is my life really all about?
5 = BACK COVER. What protects me from harm?

Give this one a try, and see how your life reads back to you!

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