TAROT TIP: Seek Card Concepts in the “Real” World

If you’re seeking additional ways by which you can firm up your grasp on Tarot card meanings beyond rote memorization, I often preach the value of looking for real world manifestations of card concepts.

Here’s an example… I went to a family member’s wedding yesterday, and the reception was held at this old building with all these cool artifacts from a bygone age…like this antique bank vault shown here. It immediately put me in mind of the 4 of Pentacles – the “miser card” – and the way this particular card speaks to the urges that drive our capitalist system. It’s no coincidence that over in the Thoth deck, Aleister Crowley attaches the word “Power” to his version of the card, because in our society, money is power.

This card asks us to consider our own views on what we think of as wealth, and how much we need to amass before we can feel like we safely have “enough.” CAN we have enough? Can we have too much? What’s in YOUR bank vault…?

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