Tarot Spread: “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Welcome to another installment of New Spread Saturday! On the final Saturday of each month, Tabitha Dial and I host this Tarot-centric photo challenge in which participants are invited to create an all-new Tarot spread and then share it with the world. If you’d like to play, there’s still time! Just take a picture of your spread, and detail the card positions for us. And don’t forget to wallpaper it with that#newspreadsaturday hashtag! For my part, I present my new masterwork for August: the “How Does Your Garden Grow?” Spread:

1 = Gardener. What’s your style as a cultivator? Are you a warrior, and your garden a battleground? Are you a sweet, nurturing type? A mystic? Selfless…or selfish? What kind of a gardener are you?

2 = Garden. What are you growing? Foodstuffs for sustenance? Flowers for beauty? Is it an inanimate collection, like a rock garden, cultivated for meditative purposes? Or do you garden just for the sake of the activity itself?

3 = Green Thumb. What are you naturally great at cultivating?

4 = Black Thumb. What do you tend to fail at when cultivating?

5 = Weeds. What tends to show up unbidden, and to feed on your efforts when you’re trying to cultivate something else?

6 = Pests. Who or what steals away the fruits of your gardening labors when you’re not watchful enough?

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