Monday Morning Tarot Reading

If you’re visiting this post, then this Tarot reading is meant for you. It’s all about the new week ahead, and what you can expect from it.

King of Vessels/Heron (= King of Cups) * 3 of Stones/Creativity (=3 of Pentacles/Disks) * The Ancestor (=The Hierophant)

Wow, authority figures abound! Will they stand in your way and gum up the works? Will they lend you their patronage, and earmark resources for your use? Or will they turn out to be like human holograms, looking like leadership, but turning out to have no actual substance at all?

Even if you don’t care much for things like tradition, structure, rules and regulations, established hierarchies and chains of command…it still pays to understand them when they’re in force around you. You can get much better results when breaking rules if you first know what those rules really mean, and how far their reaches might extend.

Or maybe you actually do like having some structure and some guidelines to work within. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some people falter when they have too much freedom, but a narrowing of the focus can really help them to operate effectively. Consider: does haiku feel like a prison to you, or is it more like liberation…? Even if it’s the latter, and you do flourish with a bit of structure, that shouldn’t translate as you swallowing whole just any restrictions that might be placed upon you by “higher ups.” It’s okay to question the bosses and their policies – the legitimate ones can stand up to a bit of scrutiny. It’s really only the unworthy specimens that can’t take the eyeballing and the question marks.

There’s an old Bob Dylan song that says “You’re gonna have to serve somebody.” In this life – and in this upcoming week! – that’s undoubtedly true. But you almost always have some choice in who that somebody might be, and in the nature and the extent of your service. Choose wisely!

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