I’m A Tarot Card!

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For years, I’ve studied Tarot cards…and now – thanks to the mighty and benevolent Steven Bright of Tiferet Tarot – I am one!

Steve has been putting together a new deck that he’s creating called the Fragments of an Illusion Tarot, using photos of real people, and then adding in other images, text, and graphic wizardry to conjure forth the final visuals. I’m honored that he asked me if I’d be interested in participating (I totally was!), and kind of humbled and dumbfounded that he cast me as his new deck’s Emperor card! As I told the man himself, I’ve been feeling challenged lately to specifically bring forth my own inner Emperor, so the synchronicity here was definitely not lost on me…and now I can so much more easily picture myself seated on a suitably Emperor-ian throne, because Steve has done the work for me!

Do yourself a favor and check out Steve’s website and his work, follow him on Instagram (@tiferettarot), and generally throw love in his direction, because he’s a super-talented Tarot reader and scholar, and an all-around charming guy!

Also: who knew, until now, that The Emperor would wear Converse sneakers?!

7 thoughts on “I’m A Tarot Card!

    1. Thanks, Katzi! When Steve asked me about the possibility of me sending in a photo, he did mention that something with me sitting in a chair would be good…so I was thinking maybe I’d end up being one of the Kings (although if he’d asked me to hang upside down to be The Hanged Man, I totally would have done it!). I was surprised to end up as The Emperor, though, given how un-Emperor-like I usually feel in life. But maybe this could be the start of my new Emperor chapter…?

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