Monday’s Week Ahead Tarot Reading

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you… Since it’s another Monday, this one is about the week that lies ahead…

Have you ever weathered a serious bout with insomnia? Or had a throwdown with anxiety-slash-panic? Then you know that when the mind acts up without being tethered to grounded reality and practical concerns, it can get hyperactive, and so hungry as to be downright voracious. That is, the mind can run wild, and at its worst, it can even start to eat itself.

On the other hand, it’s also possible to become too grounded. Without a certain nimble flavor to your thoughts, and without the ability to at least occasionally soar on the wings of your imagination, then you sink too deeply into the Earth Element. You go beyond healthy groundedness, and you can become mired in the muck like a dinosaur in a tar-pit, stuck fast, and going down.

This week, you need to balance these two opposing urges. The active, kinetic mind isn’t “bad” in and of itself, and neither is a focus on the unvarnished necessities in life. Too much of either can be deadly, though. This week, it will pay huge dividends to work at keeping up an intake of both. Free your mind…but stay cabled in to the material plane, as well. Or, in the words of that noted 20th Century sage and philosopher, Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground…and keep reaching for the stars.”


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Week Ahead Tarot Reading

  1. Maybe I did not see it, but what I miss from your tarot-related posts, is the mention of the deck name you use for the photos you post.
    Could you please specify what deck you use when you post pictures? Some are less obvious then others.

    1. Hi, Aura– whenever I use a deck in a photo for my posts, I generally include the name of the deck down in the tags. However, I just discovered that the tags only seem to show up if you click on an individual post…but if you’re reading them in the feed on the main page, they don’t. I’ll try to remember to include them in the body of the post or in captions for the photos — thanks for flagging this for me!

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