Tarot Reading: The Week Ahead

Death * The Chariot * 4 of Chalices (cards from the Epic Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo)

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you! This one looks at the week ahead.

Where I am, Autumn is already in the air. The trees will soon be shrugging off their leaves in a very “Out With The Old!” kind of move. Do you feel a similar impulse? This week, you may experience stronger than usual urges toward scuttling things that suddenly feel like sandbags. Things have a way of accumulating, of accreting, and building up layer upon layer of crusty, cocoon-like sheathing around us. This can make it hard to move, to grow, to see the light and breathe the air.

And you do need to move, that’s no joke. This happens to be a time during which you can make leagues of progress, as it happens. Cut loose all that dead matter around you, and that Chariot is waiting to take you to some fabulous new locales. Exfoliate your life properly now, and you can really make some serious tracks!

A cautionary note, though: don’t cut away too much, too fast, or you’ll risk tearing off some of the healthy tissue along with the dead outer layers. And don’t try to race off too far or too quickly, or you’ll only end up exhausting yourself. How helpful will it be to reach exotic new shores that are filled with promise if you’re too worn out to do anything when you get there? Be smart and be realistic as you streamline your life, and as you roll on toward the Land of “In With The New”…great things await you there, for sure, but it’s on you to arrive in tip-top shape so you can get the most out of them!

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