Halloween Graveyard Reading!

img_5762Not a hoax! Not a misleading scam! Not a bait-and-switch headline!

I will literally walk into a big local graveyard and do a reading for you while there that combines Tarot cards and Divination-via-tombstone!

To celebrate both Halloween and my recent move to spooky Providence, RI – former home of horror-fiction writer extraordinaire, H. P. Lovecraft – I’m offering a scary new kind of reading. It involves me not only venturing into a local cemetery with my Tarot cards on your behalf in my quest to provide the finest in divinatory guidance, but I’ll also be weaving in data collected via a practice I’m now calling “sepulchromancy.”

Check out the details on the special HALLOWEEN GRAVEYARD READING page that just went live…er…that just went undead here on my site!


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