As part of my start-the-morning rituals every day, I pull a single Rune.

Some people look at their Sun Sign horoscope over breakfast or coffee. More metaphysically-inclined types will even pull a single Tarot card or consult the I Ching.

I pull a Rune.

They differ in a lot of ways, but the intent behind each of these various methods is pretty much the same: we all want a taste of what the day ahead might hold for us, so we’re asking The Powers That Be.

My Rune for today is Tiwaz.

This is the Runic equivalent of our own letter T, and Tiwaz also refers directly to the Norse God, Tyr.

A fierce War-God, Tyr once knowingly sacrificed his own right hand so that his kinfolk could bind the terrifying Wolf-creature, Fenrir. The Rune is therefore all about such concepts as duty, integrity, resolve, courage, force of will, loyalty, strength, nobility, and sacrifice (especially for the greater good). Tiwaz advises us to take high roads, to be aware of the big picture, and to be impeccable with our word. When this Rune appears, it might be time to channel your inner Tyr…

And here’s another interesting tidbit about this draw: the Old English version of Tyr’s name is Tiw…and a day of the week was named in his honor. Back then, it was called Tiw’s Day. In modern times, we know it as Tuesday…

And as it happens, I’m writing this post on a Tuesday/Tiw’s Day! I have a huge soft spot for synchronicities like this when they happen.

I also like this Rune: it looks like an arrow…in flight…

Interested in Runes? I’m teaching an Intro to Runes class this Friday evening at Ascension NXT in the Providence, RI area. Message me for details if you’re interested!

2 thoughts on “Tiwaz on Tuesday…

  1. What a cool synchronicity! I love using the runes, particularly as I gathered river rocks from my sacred place in the New Forest, in England, and painted them myself. I love the feel of the stones and each one has a different energy. I can almost tell them apart without looking.

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