Astrology Workshop in Providence, RI: Work and Money


I’ll be teaching a FREE one-hour workshop today in the Providence, RI area. We’ll be going over some Astrology basics, covering the necessary steps for generating your own free birth-chart, and then focusing on how you can find clues in your chart about your own intrinsic wiring with respect to work and money.

What’s your relationship with money? What does it mean to you? How are you inclined to approach the doing of work itself, and what kinds of work are you best equipped to do in a career context…?

We’ll be talking about which astrological symbols in the chart are most on point here, and how you can pull some useful data from them. The workshop runs from noon until 1pm at the HOPE ARTISTE VILLAGE in Pawtucket, RI. We’ll be in Suite 707, at a place aptly named THE EMPOWERMENT FACTORY. Please consider this your official invitation to join us if you’ll be in the area!

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