Astro-Watch, April 28th: Venus Enters Aries

Today, our often-demure relationship Planet, Venus, steps across a Zodiac threshold. The Goddess of Love returns from the watery realm of Pisces to cross back over into the fiery terrain of Aries.

She made this particular crossing once already this year, back on February 3rd…but then she turned retrograde a month after that, and retreated back into Pisces on April 2nd, presumably to revisit some of the structures of the relationships we maintain with whatever we consider “Divine.” Pisces does, after all, lend a rather mystical and transcendental flow to anything that might happen to come splashing through its liquid gates.

Today, though, Venus emerges again from that Piscean seascape, and strides with purpose on into the blazing arena of Aries. Since Venus symbolizes the human drive to have relationships, this clearly puts a new spin on our interpersonal dynamics.

Where our relationships down here on Earth may have been backburnered behind our more cosmic connections with the Universe itself for the last month, we’re now at the start of a whole new Zodiac cycle. Brash Venus in Aries is far less dreamy and celestial-minded than Venus in Pisces. It can be helpful sometimes to think of the Planets as people, and the Signs as suits of clothing that those people wear. Using that analogy, it’s like lovely Venus had been outfitted in a portable sensory-deprivation tank and a pair of 5-D glasses, but is today trading those in for combat gear.

Aries is the Sign of the Warrior, so our relationships may reflect this big shift at this time. We may be quicker to anger than usual in our exchanges with others for a while, and more impatient. We might grow more competitive, and more attracted to debating, arguing, or even outright fighting (and then making up afterwards). Relationships may serve as trigger-points for testing our courage in some fashion, and they may be pathways to adventure.

This could also be a time of new relationships appearing – keep in mind, though, that Aries-energy is terrific at starting things, but not so across-the-board excellent at finishing them, so maybe remind yourself that there’s value in seeing things through to their later stages. And Aries can also at times lend a decided air of lust to the proceedings when it can sift its energies into a set of circumstances, so this could be a period of increased desire for you and those around you. Try to keep accurate track of what will stand as legitimate and possibly enduring passion, versus what’s just heat of the moment.

Venus will be fire-walking through Aries until June 6th, when she wanders over the next border into Taurus, which will be yet another very different type of vibe. We’ll get there in a month or so…but until then, see if you can wring some enjoyment out of the bold, direct, forceful frequency of the Sign of the Ram!

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