A Window into Karma…

Evolutionary astrologers believe that until we deal with our karma, remnants of structures from our past lives can intrude upon this present one…

Do you believe in the concepts of karma, past lives, and reincarnation? In Astrology, you can learn about your own karmic profile by studying the placements of the Nodes of the Moon in your birth-chart.

You can also get a sense as to what types of karma-related bursts of energy might be heading our way at any given moment by tracking the movements of various Planets and Points in the sky. For instance, today sees the Sun and the South Lunar Node flirting with the formation of an almost exact Quintile relationship (which will then hit perfect precision in the wee hours of the morning).

A Quintile is a relationship between Planets or Points (such as the Nodes) that many astrologers believe carries a rather mystical sort of air about it. Quintiles can bestow gifts, and they can defy odds and expectations.

So what happens when the blazing Sun connects in tight Quintile-fashion with the past life-centric South Node?

In a nutshell, the connection formed here may allow for the bright metaphorical light of the Sun to illuminate the murky depths of our past life karma. Do you sometimes want more information about who you may have been in an earlier incarnation, and what may have happened to you during that particular Earth-walk? Ask now during this Quintile’s window of opportunity, and you may well receive some helpful revelations.

Trying your luck at a past life regression with a live practitioner, or even via a good YouTube recording, may yield up extra-satisfying results at this time. Studying your dreams could be worthwhile, and seeking input during meditation may also offer meaningful data and impressions.

You may also find that even without actively pursuing such info, it lands in your lap anyway during this Quintile period. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities today, and be on watch especially for anything that feels like a new manifestation of some pattern that you recognize as a recurring phenomenon in your current lifetime. Often the karma symbolized by the South Node can continue to appear in this life as patterns that replay themselves periodically, even though you don’t put any effort into causing this. The idea is that until we transmute or clear away and release our persistent karma, we sometimes continue to attract toward us many of its core components. 

During the next two to three days, we have an excellent opportunity for working on issues that may relate to our past lives. Don’t let what happened to a prior version of you continue to hamper your efforts at forward evolution now. Take advantage of this Sun/South Node Quintile to gain more knowledge about your accumulated karma, and see if you can’t make some headway in releasing it.

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