Mars + Gemini = Headache…?

IMG_6551Mars/Saturn opposition, and I’ve had a headache all damn day…

I can’t say that the Saturn (currently in Sagittarius) half of the opposition seems to be acting up noticeably for me, but yeah, this headache could be a Mars/Gemini kind of thing.

At least, it could be if you buy into the most common assignments that you find in the sub-field called Medical Astrology. Mars is often associated there with (among other things) the head. And meanwhile, Gemini generally correlates with (among other things) the nervous system and the brain.

So if Mars-energy wants to make its presence known in a way that doesn’t prioritize your enjoyment of the experience (like, when it squares something in your chart), and it’s doing so through a filter of Gemini, then you might arguably feel the results in your head, brain, and/or nervous system. And you might arguably not like them.

But again, that’s only if you credit the most widely accepted attributions laid down in the sub-field known as Medical Astrology.

And I’m not even saying I do credit them. I haven’t studied Medical Astrology all that much.

I’m just saying that I sure do have a headache, though…


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