Venus/Uranus: Weird Love

IMG_6554Venus and Uranus are getting cozy together in the far reaches of Aries. In a few days – on June 3, to be specific – they’ll form an exact conjunction. That is, from our POV here on Earth, it will look as though the two Planets are occupying the exact same celestial coordinates.

So what does it mean for us humans when the Goddess of Love plants a big cosmic kiss on the Lord of Earthquakes and Lightning Bolts?

Look for your relationship experiences, both romantic and otherwise, to be on the receiving end of a hearty injection of the weird. Uranus is all about the odd, the unique, and the unpredictable. Uranian energy fires up suddenly after phases of apparent slumber, and it has to do with forward progress, innovation, rebellion, nonconformity, and individuality. Infuse all that into your relationship function, and you have a recipe for some unusual dynamics.

These dynamics can manifest in a few different ways. It could be that during this conjunction period, you’ll encounter new people…or it could be that existing relationships with people you already know will undergo change in unforeseen ways. You may be drawn to people at this time largely because they’re different from the norm. You may also feel called to put your energy into those relationships that seem strange in some way. You may even look to new or existing relationships to help you bring out the strangeness and the genius in yourself.

We often fear change, and sudden developments that come with no warning can be even more unsettling…but change isn’t necessarily “bad.” If you find your relationship sphere taking a turn for the weird at this time, instead of resisting, it might be a wise move to try to embrace that weirdness. If your relationship experiences can help you to individuate further – to become more the unique you that you came here to be – then why not accept that as a great gift? For the next week or so, while this conjunction is in effect, you may find that your relationships with others are the gateway toward your own inner revolution of self…

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