Sun/Jupiter Trine

IMG_6556“A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

To borrow from The Simpsons, Jupiter embiggens stuff. It makes things larger. Jupiter brings expansion and growth with it, along with an optimistic outlook. If you’re having a party or a fundraiser or – any event at all, really! – then you probably want Jupiter there.

And here’s some good news: in two days (on June 3), Jupiter, from its current location in Libra, will be forming an exact trine relationship with the Sun in Gemini. Air Sign energy abounds! Look for the next week or so to be a semi-extended opportunity for growing your own true self, especially through the Air business of communication, social interactions, words, symbols, language, ideas – brain-centered work.

And given the harmonious feel of a trine relationship, this work may not even feel much like work. You may need only to get out there and gab – speak your truths, listen to what other people have to say, and it may seem that the Universe wants to do the rest.

Noted American poet Theodore Roethke once captured the essence of this feeling:

A lively understanding spirit

Once entertained you.

It will come again.

Be still. Wait.

It seems Roethke was right, and that spirit has come back around again… So how do you want to grow right now? Where in your life would you like to see some expansion? How can you better feed yourself the specific nutrition that you, as a very unique being, require…?

Put it all into words this week, and thereby embiggen yourself!

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