When Will We Feel the Full Moon…?

Astrology and TimeAstrological events take time.

Astrologers tend to focus on exactitude when discussing whatever celestial activities have caught their attention. For example, this coming Friday sees a Full Moon taking place in Sagittarius. The Full Moon is always an occasion when the Sun and the Moon are exactly 180 degrees apart from each other in the sky, as seen from Earth. And sure, if you’re going to feel the energies of a given Full Moon, then the moment of 180-degree precision is when you’re likely to feel it the most.

But what about when the Sun and the Moon are 179 degrees apart? Will we feel it then? How about at 181 degrees…? You probably get the overall question.

And the answer is that astrological events unfold just like real events do here on the earthly plane. Let’s use the Olympics as an example. Say you live in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. The Winter Olympics will be held in your home territory from Feb. 9-25, 2018. But the Games won’t only make their presence felt for that roughly two-week period.

Gangneung Station rebuilding
The old Gangneung Station in Pyeongchang has already been demolished in order to make way for construction of a new one so that the Olympics-related swell in population can be accommodated…and the Games are still eight months away!

An event of that magnitude involves a long, slow, and rather massive build-up that will send waves of change through the region for months beforehand. You can expect construction, congestion, and hordes of newcomers filing in during that time, well before everything reaches a crescendo next February.

And then on the far side of it, there will be a corresponding dissipation of all of that Olympics-related energy. Non-residents will trek off back to wherever they came from, and the regional bandwidth will turn to other matters. Non-Olympics business will return to prominence, and the Games will fade from the collective front-burners. This, too, is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. The Games won’t be a distant memory by Feb. 26.

Astrological events play out in similar fashion. Although the coming Full Moon will hit its climax this Friday, its building energies may already be making themselves felt around us now. Some of this depends on your own birth chart: Is the Moon a primary force for you? Do you have many placements in Sagittarius, or in the other Mutable Signs? Although astrologers can at times make it seem as though any astrological development occurs only when it hits its moment of exactitude, those events don’t manifest as single, isolated spikes in the clock or in the calendar. Instead, it’s more accurate to think of them as windows being raised…held open for some interval…and then lowered again. Even if a given article or post neglects to weave this idea into its explicit wording, try to remember that any transit up there takes some time to build up and then to release, and you have more than a single day during which to explore it.

This Friday sees not only that Sagittarian Full Moon gracing us with its expansive presence, but a happy Venus/Mars sextile link will become exact, and generous Jupiter will return from out of the retrograde motion-state it’s been expressing for the last four months. But these events are already making themselves evident around us now, and you can try to work with them already if you’re so inclined.

To return to the earlier example: don’t wait until next February to buy your tickets to the Pyeongchang Games, or to make plans to travel into (or out of) the region. Plan and act ahead of time so you can maximize the returns of your participation!

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