What Does a Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean…?

Astrological chart for Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 9, 2017Tomorrow — that’s June 9, 2017 — la Luna will be waxing full in the Sign of Sagittarius.

Ancient folklore and modern pop culture agree that the Full Moon can mark a time of wildness, emotions running high, animal instincts coming to the forefront of our experience, and even an undercurrent of madness. It’s no coincidence that another word for madness is “lunacy,” right…?

But so what, specifically, does it mean when the Full Moon happens in Sagittarius? Each Sign acts like a filter, so the energies of a Full Moon will always take on the characteristics of the Sign that’s hosting it. What might that mean in this instance?

Sagittarius is very expansive. It’s the Sign of the Archer, and this Archer has a serious case of wanderlust. Sagittarian energy likes to roam, to explore, to go on quests. Beginning astrologers are often advised to focus less on the Archer, and more on the far-ranging arrow, as it’s the arrow that really illustrates this Sign’s need to venture forth into new territory. And Sagittarius likes to take in the big picture – it will opt for the forest over the trees every time you give it that choice.

With the Full Moon occurring in this Sign, these same themes should translate into our lives down below here on Earth. How intensely you’ll feel this in your neck of the woods depends on the unique make-up of your own birth chart, but we may all get a general taste of that Sagittarian vibe.

We may feel drawn to roam in some fashion, whether that’s through literal, physical travel in the real world, or through metaphorical travel into fields of higher learning and complex thought (the law, religion, and philosophy can all serve as great terrain for the Sagittarian mind).

Sagittarius is also optimistic, generous, and often willing to take things on faith. You may feel some of those tendencies rising up within you at this time, too.

A word of caution, though… Notice that bright red triangle in this Full Moon’s chart above that connects the Sun, the Moon, and Neptune? It’s called a t-square, and it can often indicate some form of stress brewing. Neptune in Pisces is a very dreamy kind of placement, allowing us to tune in to parallel worlds and alternate states of consciousness where anything and everything seems possible. As the apex point of a t-square, combined with all that Sagittarian positivity, this could potentially be a recipe for unrealistic expectations. Leaps of faith can be fine and admirable things, but they’re not always the best way to go. Imagine, for example, you attempt one while walking along the edge of a cliff…

So during the next couple of days, it may be a great thing to embrace the bright Sagittarian outlook that wants to take hold in your psyche…but just be sure to add a bit of grounded analysis to the mix before you resolve to take any giant leaps!

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