What Does A New Moon In Cancer Mean…?

f1mfileITbrCm-u1385349966_chmom.36733Tonight at what will be 10:31pm in the Eastern Time Zone, where I live, we’ll be experiencing a New Moon. These events happen once per month, and by definition, a New Moon occurs when it appears from our vantage point here on Earth that the Sun and the Moon are occupying the exact same spot in the sky.

This time around, that “exact same spot” will be in the patch of sky that we refer to as the Zodiac Sign of Cancer.

So what might that mean for you…? As always, I urge you to plot this event against your own birth chart to see if it might have any elevated likelihood of manifesting in your life in some definite and undeniable way. Check to see if you have any Planets or any important Points (such as your Ascendant, either of the Lunar Nodes, etc.) in the first few degrees of Cancer, or in the first few degrees of any of the other Cardinal Signs (these are Aries, Libra, and Capricorn).

Also take a look at which House this New Moon will be occurring in for you. As an example, it will all be going down for me in my Eighth House, which can be a pretty dark but sometimes magical place. Your chart may be receiving all this Moon-energy in a very different place, though, and the specifics will affect how this event might end up treating you.

But say you have no access to your chart, what might you expect to come of all this, just in general terms…?

We’re actually asking a couple of related but different questions right there:

1) What does a New Moon mean overall?

New Moons often indicate the beginnings of new cycles. They represent excellent opportunities for starting new adventures, and also for releasing things that have been holding us back. You can advance your own cause at this time by focusing on things you’d like to welcome into your life that hadn’t been there before, while showing unproductive people and things to the nearest exit.

2) What’s a New Moon all about when it’s specifically working through the filter of Cancer?

The Moon loves to work in Cancer territory. This is like the Moon’s home turf: it knows this region, it gets its work done well here, and it feels most like its purest self while in Cancer. The themes of the Crab will likely make themselves felt more strongly for all of us during this event.

This can translate as all of us experiencing our feelings more deeply than usual. This may be good news for those detached types who tend to lead more with their brains than with their hearts, as this can be a chance to harvest more clues than usual as to what’s happening on the emotional plane for those around them. On the flip-side, it can also mean increased emotional vulnerability, too much sensitivity, and a strong urge to withdraw as a means of self-defense.

Greater quantities of Cancer-energy in the mix can also lead to a big boost in our intuitive capacity. Listen to your instincts at this time, and try not to talk yourself out of taking them seriously.

IMG_6636Cancer can also be very fond of nesting, so if those impulses pop up for you now, it may not be a horrible idea to wring some enjoyment out of holing up at home, either alone or with loved ones.

Finally, Cancer is the Sign most associated with the archetype of the Mother. We may all be more likely to be a bit nurturing in our approach toward the world for the next little while, especially as Mars and Mercury are also swimming through the same Cancerian waters as the Sun and the Moon. If you can do it without going overboard, then beaming a bit of motherly-style energy out into the world (and toward yourself) may be rewarded around this particular juncture.

So if you can just go ahead and feel the feels, without taking it all too far, then this could be a very sweet and gratifying weekend. Happy New Moon, everyone!

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