Astrology, Past Lives, and Reincarnation

Embryonic Stars in the Rosette Nebula

Do you believe in concepts such as past lives, reincarnation, and karma?

Historically, for most of my life, I was not a pure believer in the first two in any literal way, although I did always feel that the karma principle had a lot going for it. I’ve also always been on board with the notion that consciousness doesn’t necessarily perish when the physical body dies…but that’s not the same thing as believing that consciousness gets reborn into another physical body in this same physical world at some later date after the current physical body meets its demise.

But almost three years ago, I started to explore a branch of Astrology known as “Evolutionary Astrology.” In this subset of the field, the most commonly used technique for evaluating possible past lives and unprocessed karma centers on the Nodes of the Moon. This is not the only way to assess karma and past life experiences when using Astrology, but it’s the one I started with.

I applied the Lunar Node analysis technique to my own birth chart, and I was then favored with a rush of weird synchronicities like almost nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life, either before or since. It all began the moment I theorized that based on my own South Lunar Node set-up, hey, maybe I could have been a high-ranking priest-figure in the Aztec civilization who advised my ruler, Moctezuma II, to let this guy Cortés and his Spaniard fellows into our otherwise well-fortified city because what the hell, they seemed like good guys…

You can read about those various synchronicities HERE in a post that I put together at that time.

Do you believe that each of us has an immortal spirit that goes on animating a succession of bodies in new places and new times down through the ages…?

Meanwhile, I’ve continued to explore all of this karma/past life/reincarnation business in the three years since. As I continue working as a professional astrologer, I poll my clients as to whether or not they believe in these concepts. Maybe I’m focusing on a sample of the general population that skews toward a belief in the metaphysical anyway – I mean, we do meet each other solely because these folks are consulting an astrologer – but the response is almost universally and unanimously affirmative that yes, these people do wholeheartedly believe in these concepts.

So recently, I decided to do another poll, this one across a couple of Astrology groups that I belong to on Facebook. I asked the astrologically-minded in those groups what symbols they might use when digging into past lives and karma in a chart. Not too surprisingly, the Lunar Nodes were mentioned by virtually everyone who replied. I also collected up a few additional symbols, though, and wanted to share them here. Some I’ve now long known as karma-related items in Astrology, but a few of these were new references for me in this context.

As always, it’s on you to some extent to do some of your own experimentation to see if any or all of them feel like reliable indicators in this realm…but if you’re interested in delving into the intersection of Astrology and reincarnation for yourself, then here are a few symbols you might consider examining:

  • The Nodes of the Moon – the South Node represents past life experiences and lingering karma, and the North Node symbolizes the path toward karmic cleansing and evolution
  • The Twelfth House – the Sign on the H12 cusp and any Planets found in this House serve as past life/karma indicators for some astrologers
  • The Eighth House – not as commonly cited as H12, but a small yet passionate minority of respondents believe H8 can serve in similar fashion as a summary of past life experiences
  • Saturn – very popular with astrologers as a symbol for karma, second only to the Lunar Nodes
  • Retrograde Planets – again, this was a minority view, but the astrologers who get behind this notion really get behind this notion
  • Intercepted Planets, Signs, and Houses – ditto…and this was both a concept that I had never encountered before, and the one that most intrigued me

So if you’re curious about how the concepts of past lives, reincarnation, and karma may be accessible through chart analysis in Astrology, these are a few of the symbols that you may want to explore.

And as always, I’m happy to help in this process if you feel you might benefit from the added input. Reach out to me via the info on my CONTACT page to book an appointment, and we may be able to get some ideas as to who you may have been in another place and time, and what you can do to release some of the karma that lingers on in this life from that prior Earth-walk…

11 thoughts on “Astrology, Past Lives, and Reincarnation

  1. I’m agnostic on twinretinasreincarnation, although I’m slowly waking to the concept. I’ve looked a little bit into evolutionary astrology in the past year or so. Based on my south Node and other factors, I’d say there’s a decent chance I was a prostitute in a past life. Whoops…

    1. I wonder how many of us could actually make that same claim with decent probabilities of it being accurate…? Probably a pretty respectable percentage of us! Are you looking at a serious blend of Virgo and Scorpio energies in your SN set-up, its ruler, etc.? Maybe some Pluto and Venus input…?

  2. Pamela M Mitchell

    I grew up believing in many things but now at 68 I do not believe in any of it. I have studied astrology since my late 20s but I am not sure that I like the mixture of religion and astrology together. It’s like the above comment by Jack of Wands. It’s a guess and what difference does it make. I also do not like what I have seen of EA’s interpretations of some chart aspects or the attitude of “you deserve it” because you did this in a past life or that you cannot change and must accept your “fate.” This smacks of victimization both in the astrologer looking at the chart and the poor person whose chart it is.

  3. Pamela M Mitchell

    I also want to say that I have all the “past life” indicators that you mention. Venus/jupiter in 12, neptune in 8, aspected by all personal planets, 6 retrogrades. Perhaps you could convince me.

    1. Hi, Pamela! Thanks for your comments here. Hmm, I’m sorry that your experience with Evolutionary Astrology has so far been of the “You deserve your harsh fate” and “You can’t rise above your karmic programming” varieties. I would personally say almost the exact opposite to anyone sitting down with me over their chart: that is, I believe that by getting a handle on our South Node “wiring,” we can then become more aware of patterns that we might tend to slip into almost reflexively in life, and through that awareness, we can then maybe do some good work that will enable us to actively make some positive changes and break out of those patterns. And to be clear, I still haven’t done much with using H12 and H8 and retrograde Planets and such in this context — mostly, I still lean heavily on the Lunar Nodes. I’m very interested in making a study of some of these other symbols, though, so my own approach may be morphing as I roll onward from here…

  4. I have been shown who I was in a past life through an intensive year of synchronicty… and my nodes/birthchart match up pretty well to that person shown to me.

    What has been interesting is… I’ve even spotted other characters from the friendship group of this said past life person. I’ve spotted say about at least 10 others that fit very well.

    It’s either all a big cosmic joke… or there is 100% something to it. 🙂

    Its taken me a long time to admit that.

    Thank you for your article… all the best xx

    1. Thanks for sharing here, Jenny! How interesting that you not only got clued in about some of your own possible (or definite…) past life experiences, but you even ID’ed others from that same past life who are roaming about in your orbit in this one! That’s pretty amazing. It’s extra-intriguing to hear that your Nodal structure is right in line with the info you picked up through other channels. I think we all recognize Truth when we stumble across it, but it’s really cool when we get additional validation on top of our own instincts… 😀

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  6. Another useful book on the Nodes (as experienced through Lunar and Solar eclipse patterns) id “Spiritual Astrology: Your personal path to self-fulfillment” by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. I can heartily recommend it.

    1. You know, I’ve heard multiple positive reactions to Spiller’s work, but due to the “only so many hours in a day” principle, have not yet done any sampling of my own. Thank you for the reminder here!

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