Astrology, Past Lives, and Reincarnation – Part 3

M16_Eagle_Nebula_from_the_Mount_Lemmon_SkyCenter_Schulman_Telescope_courtesy_Adam_BlockIn my PREVIOUS POST, and also in the POST BEFORE THAT ONE, I got into some thoughts on how it’s possible to use Astrology to harvest some information about past lives that you may have led in times now departed. I was mostly summarizing some of the different indicators that astrologers use to get ideas about possible past lives, and about the lingering karma that may have flowed forward from those past lives to color the present lifetime.

What I didn’t talk about, though – and what’s difficult to nail down, since none of this qualifies as “exact science” – is how you know if your explorations into these areas are actually on point or not. It’s not like there’s some sort of past life Geiger-counter you can switch on so as to grab a quick reading for accuracy…so what do you do?

Fortunately, there are a few different phenomena that can arguably be of real value in this process. Obviously mileages vary, so you should approach any and all of this with whatever amount of healthy skepticism feels right for you…

But okay, let’s say that whatever your belief-level may be with respect to past lives, reincarnation, karma – whether you’re absolutely convinced that it’s all literally true, or you instead think it’s the weakest blend of hogwash and hooey – you’ve decided just for the sake of any diversion that this investigation may provide, that you’ll see what your birth chart might say about your own possible past life experiences and karmic signature. You either do the analysis yourself or you hire an astrologer to do it for you. And the analysis gives rise to some hypothetical scenarios and character descriptions that fit the astrological data:

  • You were in charge of an ill-fated sea voyage that ended when your ship went down without a trace into the icy waters of the north Atlantic, and everyone on board was lost
  • You were married to someone who fell prey to a horrible disease that rendered them utterly dependent on you for decades, forcing you to become nothing but a constant caretaker, giving up every shred of personal development you might have otherwise enjoyed
  • You were an outcast or exile, persecuted for your religious beliefs, and eventually killed for them in some act of gross violence

You’ve obviously washed up on the shores of existence in this lifetime as you…but who might you have been in the life before this one…and the one before that…and the one before THAT…? [Image by Moyan Brenn]
These are all pretty grim cases, but then again, we’re not likely to be haunted in future lives by the things that we got right in earlier ones… But then after cooking up these possible past life biographical sketches, how do you possibly “verify” them?

Here are some things you can either look for in your present life to date, or that you can seek out and try:

  1. Past Life Regression. Punch that phrase into your favorite search engine, and you should be able to find plenty of practitioners who can usher you through a specialized, hypnosis-like exchange designed to connect you with one or more past selves. Success will vary wildly from client to client, provider to provider, and session to session, but many people do experience very satisfying and vivid results.
  2. Walk a Past Life Site. If you believe you were a lone outlaw warrior in 4th Century Japan, and it’s within your means, then travel to the lands you believe you roamed, and see what happens when you’re actually standing there in your present form. Visit the very spot in France where you suspect a former version of you may have perished in the trenches during WWI. Walk the grounds of that small town outside of Buenos Aires where you think you may have spent most of a former adult lifetime trapped in a loveless marriage. Some people have reported experiencing spontaneous and powerful memories or sensory input from past lives when physically present in a location that may have been inhabited by a former self.
  3. Synchronicity. I wrote a post a couple of years ago in which I described how I performed some analysis along these lines on my own chart, and was then treated to a rush of synchronicities like nothing I’d ever encountered before…which, depending on your own belief system, may or may not mean much, but you can read about my own synchronicities IN THIS POST. Such occurrences might be taken as indications that the theories about past life scenarios being investigated are actually pretty sound.
  4. Recurring Dreams. Some people experience recurring dreams. These can go on for some limited phase of a person’s life, or they can run from the cradle to the grave. Not all of them will necessarily speak to past life experience, but in my own work with clients over time, it’s become increasingly apparent that a small but definite percentage of those clients do experience recurring dreams that seem to be heavily in line with the hypothetical past life scenarios that I’d come up with after analyzing their birth charts. If you currently have – or have at some point in your life had – recurring dreams or nightmares, it might be worth your time to really examine them, and see if they might be echoes of some actual past life experience…

Could your recurring dreams or nightmares actually be like scrapbooks of scenes taken from your past lives…? [The Little Evil King, by Ursula Benser, 1958]
And again, we’re not exactly taking temperature readings here, or clocking the speed of a careening sports car, so actual, verifiable proof that would satisfy a rigorous battery of scientific testing may not be on the menu at all…but the far more important outcome is whether your answers about your own possible past life experiences satisfy you.

If you’re intrigued about these concepts of karma, past lives, and reincarnation, and you’d like to see what your birth chart might offer up about your own karmic signature, please feel free to visit my READINGS page and make a chart analysis appointment – I’d be thrilled to help you gaze into this realm!

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