Relationships and Astrology: Synastry

Relationships and Astrology

I belong to quite a few Astrology groups on Facebook, and I also like to spend some quality time every week surfing several different Astro-focused bulletin boards here and there around the internet. And if you were to follow my example, it would become very clear, very fast, that a whole lot of people who don’t otherwise have much interest in Astrology will dip into it wholeheartedly when it comes to the topic of romance.

And being the versatile system that it is, Astrology does lend itself really well to analyzing relationships. But doing proper work in this area involves a lot more than just asking a bunch of random strangers on Facebook something like, “Is Aquarius a good match for Libra…?”

Concentrating only on Sun Signs – which is what that question is doing – is a bit like asking if you should consider dating someone based solely on the fact that your blood types match. In each case, these aren’t exactly unhelpful things to know…but there’s way more involved in answering the complex question of overall relationship workability than just squinting at two people’s Sun Signs.

Relationships and Astrology

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars…Ascendant, Descendant…Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth Houses…Juno and Eros and the Vertex, if you’re so inclined… In addition to the Sun, all of these factors and more can come into play when you’re assessing the likelihood of any two given people finding good romantic chemistry.

That makes it sound complicated, and to be honest, it kind of is, but it’s also manageable with a bit of study and practice. And Astrology is a generous field in this regard in that it offers a couple of different routes toward understanding possible compatibility in a relationship. The main such route, though, is called synastry

Now, before we get to exactly what that is, it’s important to note here that the primary document in all of Astrology is almost surely the birth chart. This is a very unique and personalized artifact that’s keyed to a single individual based on the specific date, place, and time of their birth. Like fingerprints, no two birth charts are exactly alike. A birth chart provides eloquent testimony as to a person’s essential wiring in this lifetime: what they will tend to be interested in, skilled at, afraid of, challenged by…the birth chart can reveal all this and then some.

Astrology Synastry chart of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
This synastry chart lines up the birth charts of model Chrissy Teigen (inside wheel, in blue) and singer John Legend (outside, red), who are married. Synastry can reveal a tremendous amount of information about such match-ups!

So synastry, then, is a sort of doubled-up chart in which one person’s birth chart is wrapped around another’s. The idea is that the dynamics on display between the two charts down on paper will reflect the interpersonal goings-on that will probably ensue up on the personal level as these two people spend time together.

An experienced astrologer can look at a synastry chart and then note which Planets in one chart will make connections with which Planets in the other…and they should also be able to describe the natures of those connections, and whether they’ll be user-friendly, difficult, or just a foray into neutrality. They can also explain which Planets in one chart are beaming energy into which adjacent Houses in the other, and what effects that might have on the two parties involved.

Whether you’re curious as to how you might get along with your brand-new romantic possibility, or you’d like to finally understand why you and your mate of several decades keep on having the same issues, synastry analysis may be a fantastic avenue of exploration for you!

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