New Moon in Leo

Lion Roaring as Symbol for New Moon in Leo - Astrology
This is the sound of the New Moon in Leo!

That mad rush of sonic input that you’re hearing – and maybe even feeling all up and down your sympathetic nervous system – is the sound of Lions roaring.

Today marks the New Moon, which is happening this time around in the highly expressive Sign of Leo. New Moons are, by definition, that moment in time each month when the Sun and the Moon appear to us here on Earth to be occupying the same exact location in our sky. In other words, on every New Moon, the Sun and the Moon beam their symbolic energies our way through the very same Zodiac Sign. This is not at all unusual.

A couple of things that are unusual about this particular New Moon, though:

  1. Our two great Luminaries are joined this month by the Planet Mars, which adds its already fiery vibes to this Planetary party going down in one of the three Fire Signs. Leo makes things happen in Fire-heavy ways, and the Sun and Mars are already ablaze on a pretty much permanent basis as it is…so you can either fear what’s cooking, and zip yourself into your asbestos union-suit, or you can embrace the flames, and dive right into them.
  2. New Moons are terrific opportunities for setting our intentions for the entire Moon cycle just getting underway…and as it happens, this one will last until the next New Moon ushers in a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. This is one serious stretch of days!
New Moon in Leo - Astrology chart
Chart for the New Moon – this is a whole lot of Leo!

So what does all of this mean to you…?

First, as always, you should hold up the accompanying chart of this New Moon against your own birth chart, and see what connections might be likely to link the two. This New Moon happens just barely into Leo, so if you have any Planets or Points (such as your Ascendant, say, or one of the Lunar Nodes, etc.) in the same location, you may really feel this one. Similarly, if you have any placements in the same very early portions of any of the other Fixed Signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus), then this specific New Moon might also pack an extra bit of wallop in your personal neighborhood.

But in general, we’re looking at a huge inrush of Leo-energy coursing through our lives at this time. And Leo is symbolized by the Lion for a reason: Leo-energy is highly expressive! It’s tough to miss a Lion in the room, and in like fashion, it’s pretty tough to miss a Leo person, too. Leo-energy gets noticed, and to be honest, Leo-energy likes to get noticed. In fact, a lack of attention might just be the ultimate aggravation for Leo.

Which means we all may feel a boost in our need to be noticed and to be taken seriously at this time. We might do ourselves a big favor by raising our voices during the next few days (and during this entire Moon cycle), and by speaking our truths. Creativity is another Leo concept, so not just sounding off, but actually generating something that captures our own unique spirit might be an advisable enterprise right about now.

And the added presence of Mars will pour some assertive spice into the mixture this month, too. When Mars gets active, we can often be called to navigate to some new position along the fear/bravery axis. Tests of courage in whatever form may appear, asking us to react either by giving in to our misgivings and uncertainties, or by pressing onward in spite of them because we know that’s what needs to be done. It might be oversimplifying things to reduce this choice to a “fight or flight” situation, but that phrase isn’t horribly off the mark, either. This whole month may be a real opportunity for us to acknowledge our fears, but to then go on fighting the good fight even in the face of them…and when we do that, Mars-energy applauds, and sometimes even rewards us with new spoils of war.

All in all, this is a terrific time to be assertive, especially if you have difficulties around accessing that part of yourself. People who are already a bit Fire-heavy by nature may find themselves called to push in the opposite direction, though: keeping anger and needless aggression in check might be the challenges for these types.

But whatever your own natural “Fire quotient” may be, take some time today to set intentions for the month ahead leading up to the big eclipse, and think hard about where you need to be expressive, how you can be more creative, and which parts of your life are pushing you to be braver than you have been lately. And given that this is such a Fire-y conglomeration of symbols, don’t stop at the thinking and pondering – follow through and act! The Lion probably won’t respect anything less…

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