How Do You Analyze Past Lives with Astrology?…Part 2

Past Lives and Karma in Astrology
“Lost in Space” – Image by Dmytro Ivashchenko, Ukraine

In Part 1 of this meditation on how to use Astrology to get glimpses into past lives and into a chart holder’s persistent karma, I used the chart of a real person to walk us all through a bit of Lunar Node Analysis. If you haven’t yet read the opening installment, you can READ IT HERE so as to get caught up…

I posted some disclaimer language in that piece, and it applies here, as well:

Disclaimer 1: Nothing in a chart happens in isolation. I would ideally be doing a full reading of this chart, and tying together everything that it says. I’d never just run down a person’s Nodal set-up, and then try to pass off my work as a complete package of birth chart analysis. This post is being offered only as a “How To” example of finishing off the back end of the Nodal Analysis procedure, though, so it shouldn’t be taken as the entirety of what a full birth chart analysis session would cover.

Disclaimer 2: I also always try to offer my own analytical work in the form of a dialogue with the chart holder, not a monologue. I often ask as many questions as I’m trying to answer. It’s never, “Hey, chart holder, this is you…” It’s generally more like, “The symbols here imply that you’re probably this…but it’s your life, so does this feel on point to you…?” Since this is a blog post, though, and not an actual chart analysis session, I can’t be interactive with the chart holder in question. Please keep that in mind!

So, okay, with the disclaimer-y stuff out of the way, let’s jump back into the Nodal analysis part…

In the last post, we analyzed the Moon’s South Node so as to get some sense of the chart holder’s past life self, and of their past life experiences that may have contributed to certain karmic patterns lingering on into this present lifetime.

And sure, it’s really important to get a feel for that past life business, and to see how it might feed old issues into a new lifetime. Identifying the problem is often the first step toward solving it, and all that.

But that’s really only the first half of the process. Understand the past, yes…but now we need to follow through, and examine the ways in which the same chart holder is wired for addressing that old, lingering karma, processing it, and eventually releasing it, so as to be able to get maximum evolutionary experience out of this present lifetime. In other words, we looked at the South Node to gaze into the past…and now we have to conclude things by looking toward the future. Where is the chart holder meant to be heading…?

For this second half of the analysis, we shift gears, and we now bring our focus onto the Moon’s North Node (which I’ll be abbreviating as “NN” from here forward, even as the South Node is also the “SN”).

The process is remarkably similar to the way in which we pondered the SN in the last article, except remember that when scoping out the past life and its associated karma via the SN, we need to look at the darkest interpretations of the Planets, Signs, and Houses involved. As we size up the future, though, as embodied in the NN, we want to look instead at the highest and finest possibilities offered by the symbols in question.

Keep in mind that the SN shows us things from past lives that we “got wrong” and that haunt us, and so in that part of the technique, it’s appropriate to focus on the more negative potentials. The NN, though, is a beacon that lights our way toward successful evolution. We make our progress here by chasing the most noble possibilities of the symbols. This is a very critical distinction to make and to follow!

Here are the steps in this NN portion of the analysis:

Karma and Past Lives in Astrology

Q: In this particular chart, what Sign and what House are the NN located in?

A: Gemini/H10

If we look at some of the standard characteristics attributed to the Sign of Gemini, and we think of these in the North Node context, it’s probably safe to assume that the chart holder here is being called on in this life to engage very regularly in open, heartfelt, selfless communication with many others. Variety will be important, and this work may feature a sort of highly kinetic energy.

Open-mindedness and childlike curiosity will also be key ingredients. Preaching in dogmatic fashion to others will likely not be especially helpful in making any real karmic progress, but getting a sense of where other people are coming from, listening to their side of things, and metaphorically taking a few strides in the shoes of those other people will.

The H10 contribution says that the chart holder will probably need to do all of this Geminian interfacing in a very public context, and probably as part of their life’s work, quite likely in a position of authority and leadership.

As this is NN business – “higher” expressions of symbols! – then being in the public eye is almost surely meant to enable other people at a distance to also take in the lessons being communicated, and should not be used for the chart holder’s personal gratification. Using others as props for feeding the chart holder’s own ego will not offer any karmic benefits, even if it might make the chart holder feel good in some fleeting, small-scale, limited sort of way.

Q: Do any Planets form conjunctions with the NN?

A: The Sun and Uranus

Planets conjunct the NN lend their energies very forcefully into the karmic brew, and speak to the kind of person the chart holder needs to be in order to move ahead with their spiritual evolution, and the kind of work they’re meant to do toward that end.

Here, we see that this chart holder needs to be Solar and Uranian, and to do work that’s of a similar nature. But what does that mean in plain conversational language…?

The Sun in Astrology is like the Sun up in the sky: it’s the center of its system, it radiates with an intensity so high that it can’t be ignored, and in its finer moments, it’s both life-giving and uplifting.

The chart holder, then, needs to be an inspirational figure in this lifetime if any karmic progress is to be made. This person needs to use any influence, power, and fame to grant energy and life-force to others.

Failure here will likely manifest as ego running rampant, and a perversion of opportunities, with possibilities for being an embodiment of light and hope being degraded into a meaningless quest for self-importance.

The Uranian influence adds a dimension of uniqueness, revolution, innovation, and a forward-looking air. The chart holder would do well to break with tradition and a conservative worldview, and to instead offer up some new, progressive approach that probably hasn’t yet been tried by the world at large.

Q: What Sign and House are the NN’s Planetary ruler located in?

A: Mercury rules Gemini, and this chart shows Mercury placed in Cancer in H11.

So now we can see that in addition to the higher expressions of Gemini, H10, the Sun, and Uranus, the chart holder will also need to work in some of the grander traits of Cancer and H11.

Cancer is widely regarded as being the most emotional, nurturing, and maternal of the Signs. The chart holder is therefore probably being tasked with the assignment of “mothering” and otherwise caring for others. It may be a part of this person’s calling to provide others with an abundance that they’re not able to secure for themselves.

Meanwhile, the Eleventh House is all about our experiences in the group context. H11 is where we find our own “tribes” and where we explore with them – that is, we seek out those people who may not be related to us by blood, but with whom we share some common interest or theme in life. H11 also carries a forward-looking undercurrent within itself, so it seeks change and development.

So it would appear that the chart holder will thrive in the karmic context by using the worldly power and public exposure they can gain in this lifetime as a launching pad for gracing large groups of people with benefits they might otherwise have missed out on.

Q: Are any Planets square or opposite the NN?

A: No squares here, but the Moon – in Sagittarius/H4 – is opposite the NN.

Lunar issues and concepts may therefore present some challenges to this chart holder in accomplishing helpful karmic work. The Moon in Astrology is our emotional core. It’s also just as associated as the Sign of Cancer is with the concept of motherhood. The Moon can represent our instincts, as well.

Adding these notions to our developing profile, it seems that this chart holder may be tripped up in their attempts at karmic evolution if they allow their emotions (and especially any “lower” expressions of these) to dominate their approach to life.

They may also fail in their karmic work if they reject the need to take on a maternal and caring role, even if that role is a more figurative one than a literal one.

Finally, there may be a need to make conscious effort to not become bored and restless too quickly with the necessary work (a possible Sagittarian pitfall), and to not become too tunnel-visioned on early childhood programming centered on notions of what a “home” should be (a potential danger of the H4 influence here).

Let’s sum up by first revisiting the hypothetical past life scenario that we’d cooked up for this chart holder in the previous post…

I theorized in that piece that this person may have been a woman in a past life who was born with the soul of a true Wanderer and Explorer…but being a beautiful woman in a restrictive, male-dominated society and/or religious backdrop, she was forced into a life of home-bound servitude, and was never able to experience the kind of wandering that her spirit required. Her life came to a sudden, shocking, unusual end, and this may well have happened in a public sort of manner.

All of this may have resulted in karmic patterns of this person in this lifetime craving power, despising anyone with less resources or might than they have, lusting after fame and attention, and taking a degrading view and approach toward women (especially those considered beautiful).

Unfinished bridge as metaphor for Karmic work in Astrology
Is the chart holder doing strong karmic work, or are they instead squandering their opportunities, and basically turning the karmic potential of this lifetime into a bridge that goes nowhere…?

Adding in our North Node analysis, we hit upon the idea that this person can perhaps enjoy some real success in releasing their lingering karma if they can manage to use any fame, power, and other resources they possess in this life to nurture large groups of people in a public way, thereby serving as a symbol of hope on a massive scale.

Best results will tumble out if all of this can be done in some new, unprecedented fashion that leads into highly progressive territory. The conservative approach won’t cut it.

The chart holder will face tests in this work from their own inner emotional landscape, and if emotions can’t be dealt with in a mature, selfless fashion, then this person’s karmic evolution may be greatly endangered.

So at the end of that previous post, I revealed that the chart holder in question is…Donald Trump.

I now leave you with these questions:

Does the analysis of Trump’s South Node and possible lingering karma feel like it’s on point, and like it’s something you can see at work in who and what he is now in this lifetime?

And given the North Node section of the analysis, would you say that Trump is doing a good job of learning his karmic lessons and moving forward in ways that stand as “higher expressions” of the astrological symbols catalogued above…? Or is he mired in lower expressions, and therefore failing in his karmic work…?

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NOTE: Much of the above methodology hails from Steven Forrest’s excellent book, Yesterday’s Sky…

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