What Is the Lionsgate Portal…?

Lionsgate Portal Astrology

If you cruise the more metaphysically-minded corners of the internet, you may have recently been stumbling across references to something known as the Lionsgate Portal (or Lion’s Gate, depending on sources).

This refers to an annual phenomenon in which believers say that our own Sun lines up in a profoundly beneficial way with the star Sirius and with the Galactic Center. A powerful sort of “portal” opens during this event, allowing for us humans here on Earth to be on the receiving end of some serious cosmic downloads.

Numerologists interested in the Lionsgate Portal are especially keen on this year’s iteration of it, as this one happens on August 8, 2017…or if you break that down into numerical shorthand, 8/8/17. Take that one step further by adding the digits of the “17” portion, and you get: 8/8/1+7 → 8/8/8. Repeating numbers are often viewed as having especially deep implications, and are associated with such entities as Angels…

So let’s look at the component parts that make up this Lionsgate:

Lionsgate Portal AstrologyFirst, closest to home, we have our own Sun. Good old Sol is obviously the source of all life here on Earth: we wouldn’t have come into being without it, and we wouldn’t last more than a few seconds if it were to suddenly wink out of existence.

In Astrology, the Sun represents the very core of our own selves, without which nothing else could cohere, and thereby build up this thing that we call a “personality” or “persona.” So this point of the Lionsgate triad nails down our earthly selves as part of the equation.

Next, we have Sirius. The brightest star in our nighttime sky, Sirius is referred to as the Dog Star due to its presence in the constellation Canis Major…which means “Greater Dog.” Sirius has been important to such revered cultures as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

Anubis Astrology
Will the Lionsgate Portal open a direct line to Anubis or one of his fellow Deities for you…?

The Egyptians connected the star with several of their Deities, including Isis, Osiris, and Anubis. The yearly flooding of the Nile coincided with Sirius’ reappearance in the pre-dawn sky after a protracted absence, and so gained connotations having to do with rebirth and rejuvenation. For astrologers who include stars in their work, Sirius is believed to grant fame, glory, and wealth when placed favorably in a person’s birth chart.

In the Lionsgate configuration, then, Sirius represents a connection not just to the Divine in general, but also to connections with specific celestial guide-figures, and with concepts of renewal.

Finally, there’s the Galactic Center (“GC”). This is the very center of our own Milky Way Galaxy, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the GC is to our Sun, as our Sun is to us. That is, just as Sol is the center of our own local star system, the GC is the central point of the next higher system in scale. We orbit the Sun, and the Sun orbits the GC. In terms of the Lionsgate Portal, then, the GC is the symbol that ties us in to the fractal-like structure of reality, linking us with all the other levels, micro- and macro-, that lie adjacent to our own perceived “Universe.”

So all in all, the Lionsgate phenomenon signifies an interval during which we may have access to a flash of energy that bathes us in the combined concepts of our own individual selves, our connections to higher guide-forces, the concepts of rebirth and revitalization, and our sense of belonging to the vast, ineffable clockwork-mechanism of existence.

Interestingly, this year’s Lionsgate occurrence lands one day after the next upcoming lunar eclipse, which happens on August 7th, and it then serves as a lead-in of sorts to the highly anticipated total solar eclipse due to darken skies across North America on August 21st.

So will this Lionsgate event affect you, personally…? It’s always best to check out your own birth chart to address questions of this type. When the Portal is open, Sirius will be in its usual home in mid-Cancer, the Sun will be traversing mid-Leo, and the GC will be in its dwelling place in the last degrees of Sagittarius. Do you have any placements in these regions in your chart? Do you have any Planets or other powerful Points lying opposite or square to these “coordinates?” If so, then this may turn out to be a pretty momentous occasion for you.

Keeping a journal is highly recommended!

And one final note… The film and television entity known as Lionsgate Entertainment is not actually named after this Lionsgate Portal phenomenon. It takes its name instead from a local landmark bridge in Vancouver, Canada, where the company was formed…which bridge takes its name in turn from a pair of nearby mountains known as The Lions. But it’s kind of an odd coincidence that this media company should self-apply the same name that characterizes this particular phenomenon, and it should then become one of the most wildly successful media enterprises in existence…

Or are there no “coincidences”…? Maybe somebody should make a movie about this Lionsgate business…

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