Avert the Flood…

Metaphysical Flood Myth
There may be no galoshes big enough… Artwork by Adi Holzer…

There will be a great loss of learning before the moon’s full cycle is completed. Fire and floods will be fomented by ignorant rulers; much time will go by before it is rectified.” – Nostradamus

[The following is a bit of musing “inspired” by the general state of my home nation (the United States of America), the general state of the world, and even more specifically, by the hate-fueled events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend…]

A few years ago, I wrote a post HERE about how the name “Deucalion” appeared in my consciousness from out of nowhere, not once, but twice, in two seemingly unrelated incidents, and both within a two-day period. This bit of synchronicity led me to research the name, because even though I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology, I couldn’t remember the details of Deucalion’s specific story…

Turns out, Deucalion is kind of like a classical Greek variant of the Bible’s Noah myth. That is, both men learn of an impending, world-scrubbing flood, and they both manage to take refuge in a craft made of wood, floating above the flood-waters until the deluge is done. Then they and their few fellow survivors are able to accomplish the great task of repopulating the now cleansed Earth, hopefully with the successor generations of humans proving to be made of finer and nobler stuff than the disappointing riffraff that preceded them.

And Deucalion and Noah are hardly alone as brave weatherers of grave weather… Check out this snippet from the Wikipedia page titled “Flood Myth”: “The flood myth motif is found among many cultures as seen in the Mesopotamian flood stories, Deucalion in Greek mythology, the Genesis flood narrative, Manu in Hinduism, Bergelmir in Norse Mythology, in the lore of the K’iche’ and Maya peoples in Mesoamerica, the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa tribe of Native Americans in North America, the Muisca, and Cañari Confederation, in South America, and the Aboriginal tribes in southern Australia.

So it’s interesting to consider the fact that societies drawn from almost every major continent on the planet have embraced a version of the flood myth. The tale clearly speaks to a lot of different kinds of people in different places and in different time periods. Maybe there’s something in the general human consciousness that will always see value in pondering the notion of divine retribution on this kind of scale.

Or maybe it once really even happened.

Or maybe…just maybe…humans mythologize this “great flood” concept not because it already did occur…but because it will. Maybe the next Great Flood is headed our way, like a long-deferred bill that’s finally coming due…?

Metaphysical Flood Myth
We may be in for some nasty weather… Artwork by Gregor Perušek

But to be clear, I don’t necessarily mean that in the literal sense. Yes, sure, anyone who’s paying even a slight bit of attention these days could pretty easily make a case for the possibility that global warming and other assorted climate change factors are working toward the onset of a literal Great Flood…but maybe the idea can also be taken on the non-literal, more figurative or symbolic plane…

Here’s something I’d written in that earlier article on Deucalion:

In occult thought, water is often a signifier of things like dreams, the collective unconscious, illusions, and psychic phenomena.

I still stand by that summary, and I’d throw in a few more Water-centric concepts such as the emotions, compassion, intuition, and the subconscious layers of our minds.

So the question becomes this: Are we milling about on the landing strip for an already onrushing Flood that’s due to hit us all across the Water Element plane of existence? Are we about to be treated to a sort of psychic tidal wave that’s meant to wipe clean our species-consciousness?

I don’t know exactly what that might look like in terms of actual, practical details…but it does definitely feel like something is bearing down on us. In my own admittedly liberal viewpoint, we do live in an age that’s characterized by Nostradamus’ “great loss of learning” and by a well-stocked variety-pack of highly “ignorant rulers.” I can see why real, cosmic-level Powers That Be might decide that this iteration of humanity has gone too far down a corrupt and degraded road to be trusted to save itself, and therefore why a push of the big “reset” button might be in order at this time.

And so maybe it’s not a literal flood that will be appearing here on the physical plane that we need to contemplate and gear up for…maybe instead we’re in danger of being washed away by a tsunami of emotional, spiritual, and psychic “Water” that we’ve called down upon our own heads by continuing to fall so tragically far short of who and what we should be.

Look again at the Wikipedia quote above, and notice how many cultures took up the notion of a Great Flood…and then consider how many different predictions are also out there warning us of a massive rollover in Ages or Aeons all taking place at roughly this time in our development. You can find such views having been put forth by people and fields such as Nostradamus himself, the Mayans, Aleister Crowley, the discipline of Astrology (“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…”), the current “Ascension” movement, and arguably the Book of Revelation (depending on how you interpret some of the language).

So if all of those flood myths and all of those dire predictions about tectonic plates of Time shifting us from one great Age to another are on the mark, then hopefully it’s not too late to save ourselves. We may “only” be looking at a symbolic storm rather than a physical one, but symbols can be every bit as deadly as any material force. Just check out the swastika for a quick refresher course.

We can do better. We can be better. We need to change, and avert the Flood…

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  1. Hi Steve,
    How are you at interpreting the elusive 12th house? I have a tight conjunction of 4 planets.

    1. Hi, Lucy–

      I’m pretty well-acquainted with H12, as I have a Sun/Venus conjunction there, my South Node is there, and my Neptune sits just above my Ascendant in that House. I spend a lot of time there in the real-world sense, and have pondered it a lot in the “doing astrological work” sense. Your stellium sounds really intense and fascinating!

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