How Do You Use Astrology to Analyze Relationships?

How do you use Astrology to analyze relationships?

Astrology is often presented as this thing that gets used largely for making predictions:

When should I schedule my surgery?

When will I meet that tall, dark stranger?

Will this be a good month for my business?

But while sure, yes, Astrology can offer some insights regarding the probabilities that are swirling around a person or an event at any given time, it can also be used for much more than just that.

Astrology is versatile. It can help us peer into a whole range of topics, such as any given person’s psychological make-up, or our collected karma and past life experience, or the ways in which various locations around the globe might tend to affect us should we travel to them…and then there’s that ever-popular subject: relationships.

A subset of Astrology called synastry can offer us a brilliant lens into the relationship dynamics that will be most likely to crop up between any two people.

Synastry is based on the following reasoning:

  • The controlling document when analyzing a single individual’s personality is the birth chart
  • If we match up the birth charts of any two people and see how their Planets align, then we can understand the most probable interactions between those two people.

So assuming we can get our hands on the birth data of a pair of humans, then we can use synastry to get a pretty good idea as to what kind of relationship potential might exist between those two people.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Astrology Synastry ChartLet’s look at an example. Shown here is the synastry chart that wraps the birth chart of star NFL quarterback Tom Brady around the chart of his wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

We want to sort of deconstruct the synastry chart in two ways:

Inter-Chart Aspects

First of all, we want to see what kinds of Aspects connect Planets from one chart with Planets in the other. Most software programs will help you out by representing some of the strongest such connections visually by portraying them as colored lines running through the interior of the synastry chart. Some programs will also supply additional tables that capture even more detail about these linkages.

As you may already know, some Aspects are considered by astrologers to be “easy,” or agreeable and user-friendly to experience. Others are viewed more as “hard” Aspects: challenging, sometimes taxing, and not always especially fun to endure when they activate in our lives.

In Astrology in general, and also in the more specific context of synastry, it’s actually good to see a healthy mix of the two. Too many “hard” Aspects can pretty obviously lead to a relationship that’s overbalanced toward stress and friction. Too many “easy” Aspects, though, can draw a couple into laziness and boredom, with the two partners not being prompted to do much work on their bond, as they can become conditioned to assume that everything will always somehow magically take care of itself.

And then certain Planets can carry a bit more weight and relevance in the relationship arena than others. For example, the Sun and the Moon are important enough symbols that they need to be factored into virtually any kind of astrological assessment you might be doing…but when considering relationships, it’s also pretty vital to spend some quality time examining what might be happening with respect to each partner’s Venus and Mars. Venus is where we find our wiring for romance (among other things), and Mars describes the particulars of a person’s sex drive (ditto).

So while it will always be important to consider any and all tight, major Aspects that materialize between the placements in two distinct birth charts, it can be especially encouraging toward romance to find that there are some strong ties forming among the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars placements of the two partners.

Gisele_Bündchen in Astrology SynastryTake a look at the Gisele/Tom synastry chart again.

It’s interesting to note that their Suns are a bit disengaged in their synastry match-up. Neither Sun makes any tight and major Aspects with placements in the chart of the partner. To be clear, this isn’t some horrible pronouncement of astrological doom for their couplehood — rather, it suggests that while this pairing may of course be immensely important to each of them, neither one of them relies on the union to sustain their individual storehouse of life-force energy. The Sun is our vitality, what makes us feel truly alive. Gisele and Tom surely must draw some life-force and wellbeing from their bond, but their deepest wellsprings of vitality apparently lie in other areas of their lives.

The Moons, by contrast, are definitely engaged…which means their emotions are hard-wired into their partnership. It may not always be the most serene wiring, though. Notice how each partner’s Moon lies in opposition to a Planet in the other partner’s chart. Gisele’s Moon is opposite Tom’s Chiron, while Tom’s Moon opposes Gisele’s Mars.

The latter opposition – the Moon/Mars one – may carry with it some tendency toward anger leaking into emotional interchanges, and it might encourage heightened emotional sensitivity that leads to hurt feelings on both sides when these two people interact. On the plus side, the opposition is a really powerful connection, and it can very often bring an “opposites attract” sort of energy with it – these partners probably do feel some pretty intense animal magnetism for one another.

Each partner’s Venus and Mars also engages in Aspects with a placement or two in the other partner’s chart. Not all such Aspects are rendered graphically by the software, though, depending on the settings you use, so it’s helpful to do some of your own analysis above and beyond just looking at the colored lines!

Also of note in this match-up is the fact that each partner has a Planet sitting on top of one of their partner’s Lunar Nodes (Gisele’s Pluto and Tom’s Saturn). In plain English, this suggests a very powerful karmic connection. That is, Gisele and Tom may be two souls that keep meeting each other across multiple lifetimes as they continue to incarnate here on the material plane!

Tom Brady in Astrology SynastryAnd speaking of Tom’s Saturn, take a look at it in the chart – it’s the one that’s enclosed in a purple-colored circle. Notice how many different Aspect connections radiate outward from that one single placement. Tom’s Saturn therefore colors a great deal of their dynamics.

Of some concern is the fact that Saturn, as a symbol, represents a force that’s rather cold, unsentimental, demanding, and restrictive. Saturn is not the most romantic Planet in our skies.

One possibility here is that the couple may experience some serious, recurring issues revolving around control. That could mean that Tom Brady tends to be controlling to a fault in their private interactions, sure…but that’s only the most obvious interpretation of the situation. Saturnian energies could manifest in plenty of other ways, too. For example, maybe the couple just finds that almost everything they do together requires more hard work than they feel it should…or maybe they experience a greater amount of automatic pessimism about their lives together than the circumstances of those lives would seem to warrant…

On the plus side, though, is the fact that Saturn can add longevity to a set of circumstances. It could be that assuming their challenges are approached with energy and integrity, then this couple could have the makings of a very long-lasting union.

You Got Your Planets In My Houses…

In addition to the inter-chart Aspects, we also want to look at which Houses in one partner’s chart receive some general “body heat” from the Planets in the other partner’s chart. That is, which Houses in Gisele’s chart have Tom’s Planets lined up adjacent to them, and vice versa. This can offer us additional clues about how energies from one partner will tend to flow into the experiences of the other partner.

In the relationship setting, we want to especially look for some concentrations of Planetary energies nestling alongside each partner’s Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth Houses. The Fifth House (or, “H5”) is where we find fun and romance, H7 is our partnership arena (including marriage), and H8 contains those relationships that become so deep, we call them soul-mate connections.

How do you use Astrology to analyze relationships?

In the one direction, we can see that Gisele’s Planets line up next to Tom’s H1 and his H9-H12. The relationship is therefore likely to see Gisele’s presence primarily manifesting for Tom in ways that affect his expression of his own identity (H1), and his efforts at self-expansion (H9), working on his career (H10), experiencing life with his various “tribes” of like-minded people (H11), and his self-transcendence (H12).

Meanwhile, Tom’s Planets mainly pop up across the way from Gisele’s H4 (home and family), H5 (his Mars delivers passion into her romantic sphere), H6 (habits and routines), H8 (there’s that possible soul-mate connection!), H10 (career), and H11 (“tribes” again). If we were doing this part of the analysis in a vacuum, it might actually seem that Tom affects Gisele more deeply in those romantic/amorous and soul-mate kinds of ways than she affects him.

It’s of course critical to not conduct parts of any analysis in a vacuum, though! The inter-chart Aspects will add layers of complexity to this more general kind of assessment. And it’s ultimately best to open a dialogue with a couple when trying to perform helpful synastry examinations on them. Gisele and Tom are free to get in touch with me to discuss the above at their convenience…

And so are you! Please feel free to engage me to do some synastry analysis for you on your own important relationships. In the end, it will always be on you to do the hard work in any pairing, but synastry analysis can be unbelievably helpful in understanding and minimizing interpersonal challenges, while maximizing their potential joys. Reach me to set up a session at the ARROW IN FLIGHT CONTACT PAGE.

For a super-helpful and much more in-depth look at synastry, check out Skymates by Steven Forrest and Jodie Forrest – the article you just read is heavily informed by its teachings…

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