Astrological Overview for September 2017

Virgo Horoscope Zodiac September 2017

It’s the start of a new calendar month today, so it feels like an appropriate time to look ahead at what might be in store for us in September, based on what the skies above will be suggesting…

One thing to be aware of is the fact that our long season of retrogrades (“Rx”) is turning back around toward our more standard direct feel. Saturn stationed direct earlier this week after several months of Rx motion, and this month will see Mercury and Pluto following suit (on 9/5 and 9/28, respectively).

When Planets are in Rx mode, the energies that they symbolize will tend to manifest for us on our more internal planes of experience. Mercury Rx periods may be times when we’re communicating most intensely and meaningfully with ourselves rather than with others. Similarly, Pluto Rx phases can be marked by inner transformations that occur in ways that are striking and powerful for us, but which may be much more subtle to viewers who are standing on the outside and looking in at us.

Some of these energies will return to our regularly scheduled and more extroverted programming, though, as both of these Planets station direct this month. Mercurial communications and Plutonian change, darkness, and power dynamics may begin to make themselves known out and among us again, instead of doing their work more silently and invisibly inside of us.

That makes it sound as though September will be a loud and action-packed month, but we do have at least one major factor offsetting this shift from out of Rx mode…and it has to do with the Signs of the Zodiac…

Planets are the workhorses of Astrology, doing the active labor…but the ways in which they do their work are always affected by the Signs. Planets operate through Signs, and their energies are modified by them. Think of a person putting on a succession of costumes…

Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens: would he have run so well if he’d been wearing an entirely different kind of outfit…?

Jesse Owens, for example, was a famous track star. He was certainly capable of wearing many costumes…but not all of them would let him do his true work very well. Wearing running gear, he could just about perform miracles on the track. But imagine he put on something else and then tried to go running: what if he’d entered the Olympic Games wearing a clown suit…or a full firefighter’s outfit…or scuba-diving equipment and swim fins? He still would have been Jess Owens, a great track and field competitor, but his performance would have suffered. The suits that humans wear can deeply affect the work that we’re able to accomplish…and Planets are similarly hampered or enabled in their work by the Signs through which they operate.

All of which is to say that August was marked by a wealth of fiery, outspoken Leo energy, and August turned out to be a busy, clamorous month. Mighty storms pummeled Hong Kong and Texas, hate-fueled violence reared its ugly head in Virginia, and terrorist activity surfaced yet again in multiple points around the globe. People and events cried out for attention in loud voices, all of which is arguably some very Leo-centric business.

September, though, will see multiple Planets moving into the decidedly more reserved Sign of Virgo. The Sun made that particular jump just over a week ago, and in the month ahead, Mars, Mercury, and Venus will all make that same passage. These are all what we refer to as “the Personal Planets,” meaning their energies are especially connected to the interactions that happen between people. Communication and rational thought (Mercury)…romance and friendship bonds (Venus)…sexual energy and anger (Mars)…all of these drives will be shifting from spotlight-seeking and potentially combustible Leo mode into the quieter demeanor of Virgo. We’ll also be favored with a New Moon in Virgo on the 20th

So what can we expect here? Whenever we look at a symbol in Astrology, it pays to consider both the lower, more traditionally “negative” expressions of it, as well as the more positive, higher expressions. Every symbol has both, and it’s misleading to lean only toward one side of the interpretive spectrum when we ponder these things…

Virgo Zodiac Astrology
Virgo wants to be of enlightened service…when she can steer clear of being overly perfectionist!

So Virgo in general… Mention this Sign, and here are some of the first buzzwords you’ll hear: detail-oriented, analytical, service-oriented.

In its lower expressions, then, Virgo can be perfectionist, demanding, nitpicky, nagging, hypercritical, and a bit obsessive/compulsive. In these moments, Virgo is likely to show up and say, “You’re doing it wrong!”

In its higher expressions, though, Virgo is kind, modest, skillful, altruistic, charitable, helpful, and very keen of mind. In this form, Virgo is more likely to say, “How can I help?”

Overall, then, we’re probably all going to pause for breath in the wake of the blazing, Leo-hued experiences of August, and do some analysis. What do we make of things as they stand? Where are we at, personally and as a society? And what do we do with the fruits of this analysis? Will we play the blame game, and flay every target in sight with accusations and dire performance evaluations…? Will we turn those same high-powered Virgo sensors on ourselves, and sink into pits of self-recrimination…?

Or will we roll up our sleeves, show up in positive fashion, and ask how we can help?

This will be a great month for communicating with others – and that means both talking and listening. It’s the fabled two-way street that will help us at this time. Braying out monologues won’t connect anyone, and withdrawing into silence will be just as ineffectual in the bigger picture.

You should always check your own birth chart against general write-ups like this to see how transiting Planets up there in the sky will impact you, specifically, down here…but in general, this month looks to be extra “Virgonian.”

So maybe try to take the high road: “How can I help…?”

And if one of the ways in which I, personally, can help is to aid you in understanding your own birth chart, and how transits up there will be most likely to affect you down here, then please reach out to set up an appointment with me here.

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